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Press Release   •   Jun 11, 2017 22:48 EDT

Bioware is listing a number of swtor credits for sale specs and classes that orientate for some balances in patch 5.3 coming this summer. Just as Keith mentioned in the roadmap, they want to start the process of having weekly discussion threads on the forums. Thus, the first topic is class changes starting with game update 5.3. At the same time, every Swtor player can buy cheap Swtor Credits from Swtor2credits to enjoy a better experience of the game.

The basic information of the changes

The following is each Class/Discipline that they are currently changing. It will include these contents whether players are being buffed or nerved along with the specific planned changes. Here is the current summer list:
1. Sorc and Sage
It includes characters of Madness/Balance and Corruption/Seer.
2. PT and Vanguard
3. Assassin and Shadow
4. Sniper and Gunslinger
It contains characters of Virulence/Dirty Fighting and Engineering/Saboteur
5. Merc and Commando
It holds characters of Innovative Ordnance/Assault Specialist and Arsenal/Gunnery.

Why are these Disciplines being looked at for changes?

Between data and players' feedback, these are the Disciplines that appear to be the most in need of change. Whether these information are good, or not good enough, these Disciplines need attention first.

What about the missing Classes/Disciplines?

If a Class or Discipline is missing from this list, it doesn’t mean players won’t receive these changes at all. However, in most cases, this means that Classes and/or Disciplines are in a suitable place. Actually, players really need these changes (both buff and nerf) and Disciplines.

When will we receive a detailed breakdown of the changes?

Swtor's staff will work with the technical team on getting the exact changes out to our players as soon as possible. Based on what they confirmed on June 7th, they will start posting those threads (which will be posted by Discipline) this week and throughout June.

With a continuing process of Class Changes, this new discussion will have caused a sensation in the field of Swtor. Therefore, it’s a perfect time for Swtor players to enhance their skills as well as make use of these changes. Besides, don’t miss it after you buy cheap Swtor Credits on Swtor2credits.

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