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Tri-ethylene Glycol Market Value Share, Analysis and Segments 2017-2023

Press Release   •   Apr 11, 2018 07:14 EDT

A latest report has been added to the wide database of Tri-ethylene Glycol (TEG) Market by Infinium Global Research. This report studies the Tri-ethylene Glycol (TEG) Market by application (natural gas dehydration, solvents, plasticizers, polyurethanes, humectants, polyester resins) market status and outlook of global and major regions, from manufacturers, and end industries. The objective of the study is to identify market sizes of different segments & countries in recent years and to forecast the values for the next six years. Tri-ethylene Glycol (TEG) Market provides opportunities in micro markets for stakeholders to invest along with the detailed analysis of competitive landscape, latest trends, and product offerings of the major companies in the Tri-ethylene Glycol (TEG) Market.

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Market Insights:

The global tri-ethylene glycol market was sized over USD XX billion in 2015. The global tri-ethylene glycol market is projected to grow with a CAGR between 4.5% and 5.0% during 2017-2023 and reach USD XX billion by 2023. Growing natural gas production and increasing demand for plasticizers are considered to be the key factor driving the global tri-ethylene glycol market over the forecast period. Furthermore, increasing use of tri-ethylene glycol to produce variety of products for industrial and commercial use such as solvents, adhesives & coatings, lubricants, polyurethane foams, emulsifiers and thermoplastics are also driving the global tri-ethylene glycol market significantly. Moreover, growing use of tri-ethylene glycol due its hygroscopic nature in air conditioning systems and dehydration of natural gas will also drive the tri-ethylene glycol market globally over the forecast period. However, volatility in the prices of crude oil consider to be the primary raw material for the production of TEG and unfavorable regulations related to manufacture and application of TEG will restrain the growth of this market over the forecast period. Hence, increasing oil & gas exploration activities and rapid industrialization in emerging economies will bring more opportunities to the global tri-ethylene glycol market over the forecast period.

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Segments Covered:

The report segments the tri-ethylene glycol market by application and by region. Market segmentation based on application includes natural gas dehydration, solvents, plasticizers, polyurethanes, humectants, polyester resins and others. Natural gas dehydration segment is likely to continue its dominance and is also expected to grow at the highest CAGR over the forecast period due to high consumption of TEG in natural gas dehydration from developed nations.

Geographic Coverage and Analysis:

The report provides regional analysis covering geographies such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Rest of the World. In this section the key trends and market size for each geography is provided over the period of 2017 – 2023.

Asia Pacific is accounted to be the largest market owing more than 50 % of global TEG volume share in 2015 and it is expected to grow at a highest CAGR rate due to growing chemical industry as well as automotive industry especially in India and China. Furthermore, increasing use of gas and high technical recoverable shale gas deposits in India, China, South Korea and Japan with favorable government regulations will bring more opportunities for the global tri-ethylene glycol market in Asia Pacific region. Moreover, North America is the second largest market region due to increasing natural gas production coupled with growing trend for natural gas based power plants. Furthermore, in RoW region Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran are also anticipated to grow at a strong CAGR rate due to presence of immense natural gas reserves in these countries. In addition, owing to abundance feedstock and easy accessibility to end use industries are also favoring the growth of TEG market in this region over the forecast period.

Companies Profiled:

The companies covered in the report include SABIC, Reliance Industries Ltd, LyondellBasell, Eastman Chemicals, ExxonMobil, The Dow Chemical Company, Sinopec, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, Clariant, INEOS Group Ltd, Royal Dutch Shell, BASF, Huntsman Corporation, Indorama Venture and Formosa Plastics.

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Report Highlights:

The report provides deep insights on demand forecasts, market trends and micro and macro indicators. In addition, this report provides insights on the factors that are driving and restraining the demand of Tri-ethylene Glycol globally as well as regionally. Moreover, IGR-Growth Matrix analysis given in the report brings an insight on the investment areas that existing or new market players can consider. The report provides insights into the market using analytical tools such as Porter’s five forces analysis and value chain analysis of tri-ethylene glycol.

Moreover, the study highlights current market trends and provides forecast from 2017 to 2023. We also have highlighted future trends in the tri-ethylene glycol market that will impact the demand during the forecast period. Moreover, the competitive analysis given in each regional market brings an insight on the market share of the leading players. Additionally, the analysis highlights rise and fall in the market shares of the key players in the market. This report will help manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of the tri-ethylene glycol market to understand the present and future trends in this market and formulate their strategies accordingly.

Table of Contents:


1.1 Report Description

1.2 Research Methods

1.3 Research Approaches

2.Executive Summary

3.Global Tri-ethylene Glycol Market Overview

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Market Dynamics

3.2.1 Drivers

3.2.2 Restraints

3.2.3 Opportunities

3.3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

3.4 IGR – Growth Matrix Analysis

3.5 Competitive Landscape in the Tri-ethylene Glycol Market

4.Global Tri-ethylene Glycol Market: IGR Snapshots

4.1 Global Tri-ethylene Glycol market key trends

4.2 Global Tri-ethylene Glycol market by applications

5.Global Tri-ethylene Glycol Market by Application (USD Million, KT) 2017 – 2023

5.1 Natural gas dehydration

5.2 Solvents

5.3 Polyurethanes

5.4 Humectants

5.5 Polyester Resins

5.6 Others

6.Global Tri-ethylene Glycol Market Analysis, by Region (USD Million, KT) 2017 – 2023

6.1 North America

6.1.1 North America Tri-ethylene Glycol Market by Application (USD Million, KT)

6.1.2 North America Tri-ethylene Glycol Market by Country (USD Million, KT)

6.2 Europe

6.2.1 Europe Tri-ethylene Glycol Market by Application (USD Million, KT)

6.2.2 Europe Tri-ethylene Glycol Market by Country (USD Million, KT)

6.3 Asia-Pacific

6.3.1 Asia-Pacific Tri-ethylene Glycol Market by Application (USD Million, KT)

6.3.2 Asia-Pacific Tri-ethylene Glycol Market by Country (USD Million, KT)

6.4 Rest of the World (RoW)

6.4.1 RoW Tri-ethylene Glycol Market by Application (USD Million, KT)

6.4.2 RoW Tri-ethylene Glycol Market by Sub-region (USD Million, KT)

7.Company Profiles


7.2 Reliance Industries Ltd

7.3 LyondellBasell

7.4 Eastman Chemicals

7.5 ExxonMobil

7.6 The Dow Chemical Company

7.7 Sinopec

7.8 China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

7.9 Clariant

7.10 INEOS Group Ltd

7.11 Royal Dutch Shell

7.12 BASF

7.13 Huntsman Corporation

7.14 Indorama Venture

7.15 Formosa Plastics

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