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Unlocked HTC Handsets Rise in Popularity Against the Apple iPhone

Press Release   •   Oct 03, 2010 13:30 EDT

Miami, Florida - September 25th 2010: According to a recent study carried out by JD Power and Associates, HTC handsets are closing the market gap between iPhones and other non-Apple models. HTC handsets run on Google’s ‘Android’ operating system, which has become a hard competitor for the ever popular iPhone’s OSX.

The reasons for HTC’s increasing popularity are based around its open source operating system, and the fact that once unlocked, they can be used in any country and with any service. Before using an HTC unlock code, the phones can only be used on one particular network and in a limited area. Once unlocked, HTC models then allow more freedom of use than most others on the market. HTC unlocking is a service provided by limited companies such as HTC Sim Unlock in Miami, whereby a code hidden inside the phone by the manufacturer is accessed and enabled.

"HTC handsets are quickly becomming a much better alternative to previously popular phones such as the iPhone” says HTC Sim Unlock CEO Derek Boris, “Because of this, HTC unlock codes will allow consumers to have a much broader selection of cellular service providers, and also greatly increases the resale value of any HTC phone."

HTC Sim Unlock are a Florida-based online business, who have sold more than 200,000 HTC unlock codes over the past five years. The company have noticed a shift in sales over the past few months, with HTC unlocking for all handsets (including the new Desire, Aria, HD2, EVO and DROID models) increasing in demand.

This sudden rise in popularity is expected to continue indefinitely, and could result in the unlocked HTC becoming the most popular phone on the market. Due to Apple’s strict limitation on iPhone software, the Christmas season in particular should see large numbers of purchases by cell phone owners who enjoy open source operating systems such as HTC’s Android.

Contact: Justin Hatch
Company Name: HTC Sim Unlock
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