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Press release   •   Apr 25, 2016 04:17 EDT

Recently, Neverwinterdiamonds team has taken some measures to combat botting in Neverwinter. Skill nodes ia addressed to be changed. On the basis of community feedback, Neverwinter team are removing refinement item drops from skill nodes. Safewow up to free $10 cash coupn for neverwinter astral diamonds PC/Xboxone or neverwinter items is coming with Apr.22-May.04.2016.

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For these items are of much importance to players, Neverwinter doesn't remove them outright. They will be more available through playing content. Most critters in the world will be more likely to drop Enchantments and Runestones. Besides, skill nodes, bound, uncommon Insignias will now have a chance to drop from most critters.

There will be more changes in Neverwinter, so welcome to send your feedback for your ideas will be taken into consideration. These changes and updates will bring you more options, more fun.
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