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USB Lock v1.0 is released!

Press Release   •   Jan 12, 2012 02:53 EST

USB Lock – Introducing The All New USB Lock 1.0!, Inc. the worldwide leader in data protection and End-to-End information security solutions has successfully launched the much anticipated portable device protection product USB Lock. This is a brand new launch of the company’s first portable device protection, and subsequently, a data protection product that aims to bring about a robust protection application in the market.


We are pleased to inform all our customers that USB Lock 1.0, a rapid fast portable device protection application, is now available in the market, and priced at $24.95 (US) for a single user license. Downloads and online purchases can be made online at


(Note: Minor updates that are released for USB Lock will still be free. You only pay for major upgrades, when released).


What makes USB Lock 1.0 different?


USB Lock 1.0 builds on our existing reputation that has seen our products lead its main market categories – Folder Lock and USB Secure. Building on the recognition garnered over the years, we are excited about the opportunities in rapid portable device protection.


With USB Lock 1.0, everything is instant, secure, and easy.


USB Lock 1.0 is built from the ground up and it is just as easy to use it across multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Unlike other portable device protection solutions, USB Lock 1.0, makes it possible for true cross-platform security for all portable device protection, and maintains confidentiality, integrity and protection of your important files by even hiding the actual portable device storage capacity from unauthorized users.


With USB Lock 1.0, you now have maximum strength protection for all your portable device protection needs. USB Lock 1.0 offers strong protection for all your external devices and includes the following capabilities:


  1. 1.     Very lightweight
  2. 2.     Supports all major external portable storage devices
  3. 3.     Supports cross-platform operation
  4. 4.     Run Multiple Instances Simultaneously On A Single Computer
  5. 5.     Minimal Application Size
  6. 6.     Lock And Hide All Files And Folders
  7. 7.     Hide Actual Portable Device Data and Information
  8. 8.     Multiple Windows User Support
  9. 9.     Run Across Networks
  10. 10.  Cleaner and More User-Friendly GUI
  11. 11.  Enhanced Application level Security


USB Lock 1.0 provides robust portable device protection solution where you want to archive, transport, save, backup your data and source codes or you want reliable information security for your family photos or personal files, USB Lock 1.0 will gives you the power you need in this day and age of constant data breaches and interceptions.

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