Virtual Platforms and Digital Networks - The unique Acidon structure

Press Release   •   Feb 19, 2010 07:29 EST

The global network of information is growing rapidly and more people are using the internet in every aspect of their life. Modern IT-business’ are having more and more of their activities online, and Acidon is in the front of this development. Acidon is taking the development of network-based and collaborative working processes to another level and the business communication is done exclusively online.

- Physical working places are becoming increasingly obsolete, and the ability to work from everywhere is something that we have incorporated in the core of our activities, says Erik Gustafsson, Chief Communications Officer at Acidon.

Inspired by the growth of social medias and web 2.0 applications, Acidon is working almost exclusively inweb-based networks. The internal structure is built on three units: Solutions, Services and Developments. The units communicate in web-based interfaces, making it easy to take quick decisions and adjust the path of a project.  As part of this development, Acidon’s communication channels are exclusively online-based.

- It’s our statement, to be able to really work with the web, you also have to become the web, says Erik Gustafsson.

The homepage of Acidon is functioning as the communication platform. It is the link between Acidon, customers and business-partners. The whole site is reflecting the core values of Acidon: Innovation, Challenge and Flexibility.

Acidon is a rapidly growing developer of IT-solutions and network services. A professional and Swedish based provider of telecommunication systems and software improvements. It is a consumer led business, sensitive to consumers involvement with technology and communications globally. Acidon is developing progressive solutions for an expanding global market. For more information see:


Editor contact:
Erik Gustafsson
Chief Communications Officer