Vulkollan Wheels Market pleased with growing adoption of polyurethane roller in manufacturing

Press Release   •   Jan 19, 2017 02:00 EST


The Vulkollan Wheels Market deals with the development, manufacture and distribution of polyurethane wheels as well as a polyurethane roller. Vulkollan material can be described as a polyurethane elastomer which manufactured from raw materials like the licensed Desmodur 15 as well as unique polyester polyols. They license was initially developed by Bayer MaterialScience, hence the name Bayer vulkollan.

Over the years, the Vulkollan Wheels Market has been able to develop the properties of vulkollan material extensively. The gap between elastic material and hard plastics in the hardness is filled with Bayer vulkollan. 65 shore A – 70 shore D is the usual hardness range of vulkollan material. Cellular vulkollan, of which polyurethane wheels are a beneficiary, is usually produced at a 350-650 kg/m3 gross density range.

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Topics Covered in this report:

Scope & Regional Forecast of the Vulkollan Wheels Market:

The Vulkollan Wheels Market first kicked off 50 years after the Second World War and is currently distributed under license by Bayer AG, a major German pharmaceutical. The mechanical properties of vulkollan material are such that, a vulkollan wheel and a polyurethane roller are the preferred choice for heavy duty applications in the industrial sector. Heavy duty wheels like forklift wheels include vulkollan material which have an unusually strong load bearing capacity. For example, Bayern vulkollan allows forklift wheels to transport heavy weights across uneven flooring at a speed of nearly 20 kmph.

The Vulkollan Wheels Market has also made sure that that vulkollan wheel have a solid stability dimensionally which makes it ideal for heavy duty wheels in various manufacturing purposes. This stability ensures that polyurethane wheels suffer very little deformity even if they are left unused for long periods of time. Additionally, the property of superior thermal stability and meagre self-heating enables decent driving control even in high temperature industrial situations.

The Vulkollan Wheels Market has been dominated by demand from Europe and North America so far due to the earliest research taking place in those regions as well as the faster adoption of latest manufacturing technology among those industrial hubs. The growing manufacturing hubs in Asia-Pacific are expected to boost future growth of the Vulkollan Wheels Market.

Segmentations & Key Players involved in the Vulkollan Wheels Market:

The Vulkollan Wheels Market can be broken down into various segmentations on the basis of –

Geographical Location: North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia), Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

Type: Traction Wheels, Forklift Wheels, Guiding Wheels and Others.

Applications: Materials handling, Mechanical engineering and Others.

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Some of the key players involved in the Vulkollan Wheels Market are as follows:

  • DM Wheel Systems
  • Revvo Caster
  • Finn-Valve Oy
  • Vulkoprin

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