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“Waiting for Regina” is a novel to watch according to reviewers

Press Release   •   Jan 31, 2017 14:33 EST

A few days after its release, a Curtis W. Jackson novel ‘Waiting for Regina’ has received positive reviews at The book, which was released on January 1st this year, is already on sale at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. Goodreviews is an online platform where readers find goodbooksand, at the same time, get a chance to review what they have read. This gives new readers a chance to select books which meet their needs and at the same time inform as well as entertain.

By the time of this press release’s publishing, the Curtis Jackson novel had already received more than eight reviews. This according to the majority of the people who use is an achievement. One of the reviewersdidnot hesitate to recommend the book to the readers as it touches on real life issues. The reviewer points out the issues that humanity is undergoing, while pointing out that reading the book will give an insight on how some of these problems may be solved.

A reviewer who goes by name Pearl gave the book a five star rating. The reviewer recommends the book to everyone who would like to see the world change for the better. She is even categorical that anyone in the government ought to read the novel as it has a story which can be used to offer lessons and solutions. Pearl concludes by revealing that she was introduced to this book by a friend to whom she is quite grateful.

The new,incredibly heart-warming, beautiful, and disconcertingly reflective novel published by Barnes & Nobleunder Nook Press Print, which is also available in several digital formats on SmashWordsincluding Kindle mobi and iBooks.The novel opens a discussion on history’s long social problems, overcoming the challenges and defying stereotypes typically aligned to young adults. It also provides answers to complaints to issues of color, a topic that is still thorny, in learning institutions and communities in the United States as well as other parts of the world.

Other reviewers talk of the great read and warn readers that they will not put it down until they are through with the story. Some have also revealed that they have re read the book several times just to get a clear glimpse of the story.

The book is written by Curtis W. Jackson, the authorof “What Is the Color of It,” an alumni Bay Shore High School in Long Island and a Graphic Design graduate from Full Sail University.

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