Press Release   •   Sep 16, 2010 15:46 EDT

ARROYO GRANDE, CA - September 16, 2010 - Majon International, (located at one of the world's top-ranked Internet marketing companies, today announced the launch of (, an innovative next-generation URL shortener that delivers unprecedented features and user benefits.

According to Majon International President Matthew Hesser, " is a revolutionary software platform that combines the functionality of a URL shortener with cutting-edge Web 2.0 features and provides income-generating potential for it's users." ("I am ity") builds on first generation URL shorteners, which are used as a substitute for long, cumbersome URLs that contain descriptive attributes such as session information and transaction paths. Like traditional URL shorteners, can quickly generate abbreviated URLs for social media sites such as Twitter (tm) or Facebook (tm) or for any other usage, as well as provide comprehensive traffic statistics for website owners. But stands head and shoulders above other services thanks to its robust server capability and additional interactivity & functionality aspects, and potential for revenue generation.

"With, you can add a separate module to the bottom of any page with a shortened URL and conduct a handy user surveys or just gather visitor feedback," said Hesser, "Additionally, users can even add a separate independent ad frame at the bottom of any of their destination pages to use for anything they want and have 100% control over that providing even more revenue generation." Hesser also added that "The company will roll out other additional modules in the coming months. Also statistics are updated every 10 minutes, so you can see the impact of your urls in pretty close to real time."

Hesser noted that has a built-in image server that enables users to upload a photo to the site and automatically generate a shortened URL. "Imagine uploading a photo of the company picnic and tweeting it to your Twitter followers in a matter of seconds," he said. Soon, will be adding dedicated video servers so that users can upload and host videos, and receive a shortened URL's for any video segments they wish to share.

In a bold move, gives users the ability to both advertise on sites using shortened URLs and generate revenue from displaying ads on pages with shortened URLs. According to Hesser, "Advertisers have the option of developing CPC in-text advertising or CPM interstitial advertising at very reasonable rates, while users can earn money by displaying those ads." In addition, users can make money by sending visitors to shortened URLS used on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as adding code to their own web sites or blogs and by referring friends to the service.

Concluded Hesser, "We're proud to expand our leadership in the Internet marketing space, and thrilled to offer a robust service that combines URL shortening, online advertising, and revenue generation."

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