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Weekly Pro Football Weekend Recap

Press Release   •   Sep 02, 2010 10:54 EDT

Who doesn’t love sports in the U.S.? Some people prefer baseball or basketball, while others are crazy over hockey. Still, there is an army of football fans who never miss a single game, fans who want to discuss results of the games, biggest trades, scandals, rumors and generally everything associated with football.

With the development of Internet technologies, football fans have received an excellent opportunity to get together and communicate online. Popularity of social network sites like MySpace or Facebook have contributed to the development of online communities which are solely dedicated to football and everything that concerns football.

If you’re a faithful football fan who has a FaceBook account (well, who doesn’t?) you’re welcome to join the group Pro Football Weekend Report. Once you become a member of this group you’ll never lack information on football events in the country. The group offers the most complete information on past week events, scores, hot news, injury reports, biggest plays of the week, weekly lines and schedules, as well as professional commentaries and stats by way of a weekly report.

The free weekly report is e-mailed to group members in pdf format on Monday morning with a final edition Tuesday afternoon. This is an excellent chance to be fully informed on everything that happened in the NFL during the past week. Imagine how well prepared you will be when you come to work on Monday morning to talk about football with your colleagues. You may even become the football expert in your office!

There is no need to spend precious free time surfing the Internet and browsing popular sports sites to get your football information. The pdf report contains a wide range of interesting information for the devoted football fan. This is a nice recap for everyone who wants to stay informed on events in the world of NFL.

Pro Football Weekly Report contains the facts and figures you spend time searching for, and now you can get this information for free. Besides, it is your chance to get together with people who share your passion for football. The power of FaceBook is truly unlimited. So, you can make friends with people from all over the country (or even all over the world) to discuss football events or maybe share betting tips.

Pro Football Weekly Report will be helpful both for devoted fans and average folks who like to be informed on football events. This report will save your time and offer you the most detailed information on football scores, interesting news and commentaries to the games. Besides, who doesn’t love spending time in FaceBook groups? Online communication has its charm, especially when you know that you’re talking to people who fully share your love and passion for football.

Join Pro Football Weekly Recap FaceBook Group or simply or learn more at this ezinearticle article about football lines. And hurry up, as the first report is to be released on September 9!