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Press Release   •   Aug 03, 2015 03:43 EDT

You ready for some frantic action combat? Cabal 2 is open for business, as ESTSoft’s fantasy title officially releases to the public at July, 2nd, 2015.
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COO Steve Pae said that Cabal 2 shows how combat doesn’t have to be a grind: “Cabal 2 features gorgeous graphics and an awesome skill-based combat system, which is easy to learn but a challenge to master, and it will make MMO gamers remember why they fell in love with the genre in the first place.”

ESTsoft announced that is highly-anticipated open-world MMOORPG is available on PC all over the world for the "thirsty" players. This moment had to be pointed, so the dev realesed a new launch trailer for the game. Cabal 2 contains elements that can send you back to the classic MMO's. The new features which the players will discover once they adventure into Ektensia are:

Dungeons in each map, starting with Frostrock Forest and ending towards the two giants, Heavenly Citadel and Sky Gardens!
Epic PvP in the following battlefields:

Forgotten Desert Temple Battlefield, an 18v18 large scale battlefield that will host chaotic battles as players race to capture the enemy’s base of operations!

Maelstrom Castle, a 6v6 battlefield intended for the more focused and concentrated battles where players can truly test their skills!
Open World Dungeons with Abysmos, where each destroyed Abysmocore will challenge each player to earn every single loot drop!
Players who log in within the first week will be able to gain the exclusive “Elder” title, to show how they paved the way for everyone in CABAL 2!

Cabal 2 is free-to-play and places an emphasis on fun combat with combos. It boasts an expansive world, a competitive PvP game, and plenty of dungeons to go around. You can check out the launch trailer after the break!

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