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Press Release   •   Dec 07, 2015 02:39 EST

Most of people here keep complaining and saying cabal 2 is dead, or will die. I marathon these past few days playing almost every hour and i can tell you that the game is FAR from being dead.

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I started making SG with full divine tree items and now i have full semiaramiss with 5 parts unchangeable!

Unlike Cabal 1, Cabal 2 you dont even need cabal 2 alz. you can do anything. Cabal 2 ALZ = NOTHING. This is very important for new players, they can come at any moment now and still be relevant.

Hi, I have seen only one plan on this site about the Blackwave - Wave 12 strategy but look like no one have cleared it yet, so perhaps we can discuss it here and everyone can say their opinion. Sorry about my English if it doesn't make sense.
Advance tatics (required high skill level FS and WI).

- So when the BM FS using those aoe skill attacking the mob, the WI have to stop attacking the tree and pay attention to the add. When they see the add is at low health, (1/3 of their HP). ALL WI USE FREEZE AOE to those add.

- Everyone else stop attacking the tree and use aoe to those add as well.

- BM FS when see the add around him is freezed, stop attacking and GET OUT> USE DASH, if you still in BM form, RUN OUT.

- when done, all remaining FS start running again and use aoe taunt.
The economy is stable, with or without bots its is stable.

SG gears demands lots of spam, because getting unchangeable is hard, 1 slot harder and 2 slot nearly impossible (saw only 1 drop in my around 30 runs)

The classes are much different, after you hit 40 u can make other char 40 and still enjoy the game (many of my friend are doing it)

There are many people addicted to the game, ( if u read forum all u see is people hating )

Crafting is very good

Upgrading also, (carefu with breaking at level 7 or 8 xD )

IF you login you will see many people are playing the game, near the SG / HC entrence you will see a crowd of people.

Lower dungeons are less people cause the majority hit 40 and are not anymore doing the lower dungeons.

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