Welcome to join Old School Runescape Halloween Event with cheap 8% off 2007 rs gold

Press Release   •   Oct 21, 2016 04:53 EDT

Hey, brave heroes of Runescape, the citizens need you now! A unknown killer is engaged in an orgy of destruction in Old School! To make everything go back to peace, all adventurers need to track down the killer during Halloween, and all heroes will be rewarded with generous items. Are you there now?

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Runescape Halloween Event 2016 goes live now!
If you are one of the brave heroes, you should know that Old School Runescape Halloween Event 2016 has been live now. Now you should go to Lumbridge Swamp and speak to the grieving Abigale, and she will lend you on her boat to track down the killer.
Before that, you should also know that Abigale’s boat cannot bear too much. So you need to leave all your items in the bank. But don’t worry. If you need some fine rs 2007 items and gears, you can buy from Gold4fans before you receive the mission.
What will you get by completing this event?
Perhaps, provide the killer is too mystery and the case is severe, those completing this Halloween event will be granted lots of useful items, including mask with a set of robes and the killer’s blade.
Besides, they will also receive all the rewards earned from previous Halloween events , including h'ween masks, Grim reaper hood, Pumpkins, a new deathly wallkit, an additional green skin colour from the Makover Mage etc.
But it is pity that there is no new skin color in 2016 Halloween Event Runescape. It seems that Jagex has no time to make it come true in game before Halloween.
With no doubt, this is a fun event in RS 2007. More importantly, this event is available in both members and free-to-play worlds. If you want to join in the event, lose no time! You can get Black h’ween mask from this event as well. When you are in need of cheap fast runescape 2007 gold, it is recommended to buy rs 2007 gold from Gold4fans, partly because they can send gold in 10 minutes, and partly because there is 8% off with code “RS8G” on that site. Happy Halloween!

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