What Are the Most Popular Flying Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV?

Press Release   •   Feb 01, 2016 03:18 EST

Since Flying mounts were introduced in Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward on June 23, 2015 many of the previously ground mounts, such as Company Chocobo, will be able to fly and more new flying mounts have been added into the game since then. While mounts allow players to travel around Eorzea faster, the flying mounts even help players take to the sky and roam the areas of Heavensward freely, and thus they have received wide favor from players. What is your favorite flying mount? Safewow offers you a list of top four popular flying mounts from ffxiv players.

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1. Company Chocobo: As the first flying mount that players can obtain, Company Chocobo definitely receives much love from fans and becomes many players’ favorite mount. If you haven’t got one, you can purchase it from The Immortal Flames, The Order of the Twin Adder or The Maelstrom vendor for 2000 Company Seals. And to unlock it, you should complete a quest named “I Believe I Can Fly” in Foundation (x7,y11).

2. Kirin: When Kirin was firstly introduced in FFXIV patch 2.5 (ground mount), this fantastic mount had been obtaining wide appeal. And when patch 3.1 allowed it to fly, it became even more popular. If you want to get one Kirin, just buy cheap ffxiv gil on safewow and complete a quest that called “A Legend for a Legend quest” by talking to Wandering Minstrel in Mor Dhona (x21,y8). Make sure that you need to obtain Aithon, Xanthos, Gullfaxi, Enbarr, Markab, and Boreas mounts.

3. Fat Chocobo: Admit it, you love it for the cute and fat body! Fat Chocobo found considerable favor with players not only for the lovely appearance, but also for the amazing ability. Playfully described as "large and in charge", even the laws of nature can not slow the fat chocobo down when it summoned. How to get this lovely mount? You can receive it from A Realm Reborn Collector's Edition Bonuses.

4. Witch's Broom: Once an ordinary household cleaning tool, this broom was enchanted by the ogre pumpkinhead in the All Saints' Wake (2015) Seasonal Event. You can obtain this funny mount from sweeping the Meadows quest during the festival. Why funny? You will look like a witch when ride on this broom!

Does your favorite flying mount be included in the list? There are many other flying mounts in the game, and more new ones will be added into Final Fantasy XIV in the future. Just stay tuned if you are a mount collector. Further more, if you need cheap final fantasy xiv gils, i’d recommend you to visit safewow, a reliable ffxiv gil seller that offers competitive price and fast delivery for the gils.

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