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What is Root Canal Treatment and would you require it?

Press release   •   Jun 30, 2014 05:24 EDT

Root canal treatment is a last and final option left to save the teeth else it would have to be removed. There are lots of teeth saved each day by this treatment. It is required when the nerve or the blood vessel of the tooth got infected by the tooth decay mainly the infection has reached to the pulp. A hollow chamber present inside the tooth contains pulp. Pulp is a soft tissue mainly consists of blood vessels.  Pulp continues down and extends through the roots of tooth to the surrounding bone. Some teeth may have more than one root but all teeth’s have at least one root canal.

Endodontic treatment is the other name of Root canal treatment which specifically deals with the treatment of tissues surrounding the root of the tooth.

Is a root canal treatment necessary for me?

It depends upon the condition of the teeth; there can be several reasons necessary to undergo a root canal treatment.

·  Pain- If you are experiencing a severe pain in the affected or injured tooth.

·  Teeth Sensitivity – if your tooth is extremely sensitive to hot and cold food or your experience pain in the roots.

·  Abscess – Infection within a tooth and spreads to the root, resulting in formation of dead blood cells and bacteria. If abscess untreated it will grow and infect the bone connecting the teeth’s.

·  Deep and extensive Cavity- If you have a severe cavity and experiencing pain and inflammation.

How does Root canal save my teeth?

During root canal treatment, dentist removes the infected or inflamed tooth pulp carefully and then it is filled up with a material known as gutta-percha.  Afterwards, a protective crown is put to the tooth.

There are several advantage of root canal treatment

a)  Saving the natural teeth.

b)  Efficient chewing with the damaged teeth after RCT.

c)  Same biting force as it was before.

d)  No pain or sensation to hot and cold stuffs.

e)  Natural look.

Will there be pain after or before treatment?

Root canal treatment is painless, but after the treatment you may feel sensitivity or a little pain for a couple of days. This discomfort can be relieved with prescribed medications. Follow your dentist instructions.

Will I require any special care after the treatment?

You should not use the chew or bite with the treated tooth for a few days. Unrestored tooth may be prone to fracture. Root canal treated teeth last longer than natural teeth. Practice good oral hygiene, like brushing and flossing etc.

How much will it cost me?

Cost mainly depends upon the complexity of the problem and the extent of the tooth effected. As morals say more complex the treatment more fees you have to pay.

Endodontic treatment of the tooth is less expensive than tooth extraction. Because an extracted tooth much be restored with a new false tooth otherwise it will impact the chewing function and chances of shifting of other teeth’s may be prevalent.

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