What the detail of lost city of Omu & get neverwinter astral diamond with up to $8 cash coupon

Press Release   •   Jan 24, 2018 02:22 EST

In our ongoing series of preview articles about the next Neverwinter module “Lost City of Omu”, So what the detail of lost city of Omu & get cheapest neverwinter astral diamonds with up to $8 cash coupon I’d like to go over the campaign extension as well as daily and weekly quest structure today. If you’ve already done the Jungles of Chult campaign in Soshenstar River, the setup will look pretty familiar. And for good reason, because the Omu campaign is actually a one-to-one copy, just with an new currency called “Lost Idols”.

Lost Idols Instead of Forgotten Totems

Other than a new currency, you’ll progress exactly like in Jungles of Chult. You once again have a weekly maximum of Idols that you can obtain on one day or gradually. Those Lost Idols come from Patrol, Daily and Weekly Quests?in the new zone handed out by a new contact called “Ekene-Afa”. She’s located next to the Merchant Prince in Port Nyanzaru. Judged by the campaign windows it seems like the Omu campaign extends Jungles of Chult and can’t be started before you’ve completed the?preceding quests. So toons that want to start into Omu right away have to make sure to progress through Mod 12 first.

Campaign Structure

Like I said, the campaign structure is exactly the same as Jungles of Chult. You have a middle path that let’s you progress in the story, extends your Weekly Haul of Lost Idols, unlocks more weeklies and eventually leads into the new “Cradle of the Death God” trial. The left path takes care of the new Hunts and the right one of the Boons. There is by the way no new set of boons, you just unlock more of the Mod 12 ones. The first tier still has three ranks each, the second tier now two. As with other campaign extensions (Tyranny of Dragons, Storm Kings Thunder), you can choose to empower one boon or pick a different one.

Patrols, Dailies and Weeklies

Even the quests are largely a copy from Mod 12. In the six new Patrols you need to slay five mobs and gather three random caches. Then all activities in the new zone contribute towards the daily “Omu Adventures” similar to “Chultan Trials”. All quests for example grant 10%, slaying mobs 1%. Even the first two weeklies are exactly the same as Jungles of Chult. The first one requires players to slay a Hunt, complete a zone quest and the “Omu Adventures” daily, the second one to best a Heroic Encounter. The other weeklies you unlock through the middle path are new however.

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