What Will You Choose if Flail Nail & Giant Strider are for Free in Neverwinter?

Press Release   •   Aug 24, 2015 05:24 EDT

As strongholds have been available in Neverwinter, the new Flail Snail mount is also hitting the shelves. Have you got a look at the new mount? As you can see, its stats and utility are similar to the Giant Strider that was introduced by Safewow in earlier time. Thus, if you can get one of them for free in Neverwinter, which one will you choose? Well, the recent animation granted for flail nail make it seems to compete more successfully.

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Stats and utilities comparisons between Flail Nail and Giant Strider

As a new mount in neverwinter, the Flail Snail grants an increase of speed and other bonuses. You can see all new Artifacts, Companions and Mounts in Neverwinter Stronghold on Safewow. And before make a choice from Flail Snail and Giant Strider, let’s see what stats and bonus they can grant respectively.
The Flail Ssnail is a permanent character mount that can increase movement speed by 110%. Players can be dismounted then they suffer 5 hits in 5 seconds, or lose 15% or more of hitpoints in a single attack. Using a Daily Power to equip it, players can be granted 25% of total action Points over 10 seconds. The Giant Strider is epic quality, which grants a speed of 110%. Getting it equipped will grant players +4000 Movements, and giving about 10% speed increase even when players are off the mount.
Both of them come from Lockbox that will cost enchanted keys to unlock. Players can pay 125 ZEN to get an enchanted key or 1,125 ZEN for a keyring of 10 total keys to open any lockbox. And any time when you are in short of Neverwinter Astral Diamond, welcome to Safewow to get some with fast delivery.

Flail Snail gets more advantage than Giant Strider after animating

It is a hard decision to tell whether Flail Snail or Giant Strider is a better choice as both seem fairly interesting. On the one hand, the Flail Nail looks friggin' awesome. You won’t even imagine seeing a 110% speed Snail just running hella crazy, while the 25% AP gain also seems awesome. But on the other hand, the 4,000 movement speed of the Strider is tempting, and it grants you 10% more speed even when you're not on a mount. So as said, if you could have one of the two to equip for free, what would you choose?
It seems to be a toss-up, but after reading the dev post about animating the snail, many players are partial to choosing the cool snail. The Character Animator, Benjamin Norcross has recently expounded his developing thought on animating the snail. This idea stems from the slim that could make snail to go fast. Basically, the snail need excrete a slick super fluid from its belly to slide on to traverse the landscape. Besides, the Snail has little fleshy lumps on the bottom edge of its belly, so that to rig those little bits, those lumps move as it runs. As for the Flails, it was also an opportunity to inject as much character as possible they have used this approach with each mount develop. Thus, the Flail Snail comes out to highlight this process. The previously animated Gelatinous Cube also helps the process of animating the snail. There were insane amounts of suction as it jumped in the air, making it pop up and jiggle. The different is that the Snail is designed not to go “full jelly”. Instead, a little “tail” was added to give some extra lift to sell the jump entirely. Additionally, the shell of the snail makes it a massive rigid body on top of a soft gooey snail to be funny. In this way, a different character was created with a different personality and movements.

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