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Wheelys revolutionizes the concept of crowdfunding with a new platform

Press release   •   Sep 05, 2016 08:40 EDT

Wheelys Inc, a Swedish Y Combinator startup operating hi-tech organic bike cafés in over 65 countries, is catapulting dreams into reality. After the overwhelming success of a $2.55 million seed round, closing a FundedByMe investment campaign at over 400% funded, and not to mention having their last Indiegogo campaign 534% funded, Wheelys wheels are turning once more - to produce an entirely new platform, aptly titled, “Wheelys Dreams”.

The concept is simple Maria De La Croix (CEO and co-founder) explains

“The core of what we do is to lower the threshold for young people to start their own business. To run your own café is a common dream for young people. Now when lowered that threshold we figured: why not fulfill all other dreams as well?

We do not not believe in paid advertising, so doing marketing differently is natural to us. While other brands sponsor football stars, worth millions of dollars - we want to sponsor the ordinary guy or gal.”

Being the underdog themselves, it is no surprise that Wheelys have not taken the usual route of the corporate giants, sponsoring high earning athletes or endorsing the odd celebrity. Wheelys are interested in spending money on ordinary people, like you, with two extraordinary things; grit and to be sure, a zany idea.

This is a truly different take on patronage, “Wheelys Dreams is for those who have been told, “that’s too weird, too out there, just tone it down”. As long as you have an idea and can get enough people believing in it by voting for you - we will give you the money to make it real!”
-Maria De la Croix (CEO).

"This is a great platform to do a project my NGO have been itching to do for a while. I especially like Wheelys feedback element, they help to make the idea grow even greater"
-Linda Karlsson, producer of the Wheelys Dreams project Day by Day

All that is required is for the dreamer to submit their dream and to get as many votes as possible on the website - through social media. One vote, is worth one dollar.

Whether you want to do your bit for humanity by engineering rain resistant, rotating park benches, to save so many derrieres from the cold, the wet and endless humiliation. Or maybe, just maybe, your dream has always been to manufacture your own, automatic revolving ketchup dispenser that no one so far has wanted, but hell, you certainly do. Wheelys Dreams is for you. This is a chance open for all, even if you are malicious, mean and scary, and you have that sneer that curdles dairy, Wheelys bet that way deep down inside, you’ve got a dream, don’t you?

If you have any questions, please let me know.
Have a great day!
Emma Fitzsimons
Spokesperson for Wheelys Café


"Wheelys- the Bike-powered Coffee Cart that could take on Starbucks"
-Fast Company

“A chain of tricked-out coffee carts that are designed to destroy Starbucks and save the world.”
-Business Insider