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Press Release   •   Jan 19, 2018 04:39 EST

In our first of many posts previewing Neverwinter’s Module 13: Lost City of Omu, we are looking at the new adventure zone, the mobs you can find, as well as the Scrying Stone and teleport locations. Why not to buy neverwinter astral diamonds with 6% off to join Lost City of Omu Adventure . On toons that have picked up the Omu quest line (we’ll go over that once we preview the campaign), you are able access the new zone from the overworld map in Chult. It’ll show up right below Soshenstar River.

For some reason you can only travel there directly using the exits in Chult. If you access the overworld map from other locations, only Port Nyanzaru will show up. That might be intended or not, but currently makes going to the?Lost City of Omu adventure zone a two-step process from outside Chult. There also a passage to the new map from Soshenstar River. It’s located in the south right next to the bridge. Please note that it’s one-way only. Once in Omu you can only port back to the regular entrance of Soshenstar River.

Lost City of Omu Adventure Zone Is Relatively Small

The first thing to notice is that the map is relatively small, at least compared to the most recent modules 10, 11 and 12. That’s not a downside though. After River District and company it feels nice that everything is close by and players without VIP will certainly love it. Visually it’s well done as always, I especially like the massive Omuan Royal Palace (see the pictures below). Maps generally work best when they don’t get in the way of players and look decent.That’s certainly the case here as there’s much attention to detail without making the small map look super crowded.

From many entrances in the?Lost City of Omu adventure zone you are able to enter a map under the map, the so-called Undercity. It’s nearly as big and a true basement. It’s not instanced and each exit overlaps with an entrance on the surface, essentially making Omu a map with two floors. Unfortunately exploring Undercity doesn’t come as naturally. There are few unique reference points and you will bring up the mini map a lot more frequently than on the surface. It’s probably appropriate for a cave setting, but still felt slightly annoying.

All Mobs Are Reused or Reskins

For the mobs on the map the devs used either old ones or reskins from earlier content. We have the Yuan-Ti, Bears and Lions from Soshenstar River as well as freshly colored Raptors and Rexs. Undead, Thayan, Kobolds and Greenscale Lizards come from earlier adventure zones and the Gorillas could be recolored Barlguras?from Underdark. But I guess we’re used to recycled stuff by now and since the mobs fit the theme, it’s not disturbing.

Scrying Orbs and Teleport Feature

As always the map has the usual three Scrying Orbs to highlight certain spots. Youtuber “Rainer” was kind enough to make some maps for us lazy people out there that show all the locations. Also marked are the new “teleport” spots that connect different areas with each other. Players need to do a skill check to interact with the secret passages and teleport devices.

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