Why not to snap up neverwinter astral diamonds with thriple points to join Artifact Gear

Press Release   •   Jan 16, 2018 04:12 EST

Ever since Rise of Tiamat, the fifth module of Neverwinter, Why not to snap up neverwinter astral diamond with thriple points to join Artifact Gear.It is a major part of the?refining system. Players of the game level up their pieces as they progress, making it a long-term commitment. So it’s advised to choose wisely. Otherwise you’ll just waste tons of refining points when switching later on.

Please note that this article only includes neck and waist pieces, Artifact Weapons have their own guide. Additionally this is no place to look up the best sets for a specific class or build. As part of our gear guides, the article instead aims to provide a basic overview of available Artifact Equipment and where to get it.?With that being said, let’s go through your options!

Level 60 Gear

  • Example:?Lathander’s Cloak
  • PRO:?Cheap, instantly available through main characters
  • CON:?Outdated, not endgame viable

For the sake of a complete guide, we’ll touch on level 60 equipment first. It’s still available in some campaign stores, but has no endgame viability. You might want to use it for leveling purposes, but I highly recommend not putting any refining points into it. You will most certainly replace them rather sooner than later.

Campaign, Dungeon and World Drops

  • Example:?Amulet of Tiamat’s Demise
  • PRO:?Mostly cheap to reasonably priced on Auction House, some “bis” set bonuses
  • CON:?Gated behind RNG, expensive if “bis”

The majority of Artifact Gear drops from campaigns and dungeons. Nearly every module features its own set, and some of them are tied to specific content. The Svardborg Trial for example is the only place to drop the?Belt of Valhalla?and?Cloak of Valhalla. The best way to look up what pieces are available and where they drop is the collection “Artifact Equipment” category.

The more difficult the pieces are to farm and the more popular they are, the more they cost on the Auction House. Dungeon gear features some of the strongest artifact set bonuses and that comes with a certain price tag. Most of the basic pieces however are cheap or reasonably priced. It often makes much more sense to buy it than running the required content yourself.


  • Example:?Company Raider's Cloak
  • PRO:?Easy to farm, good for alts, attribute points on neck pieces
  • CON:?Weak set bonus

Players that are members of a guild can access the Stronghold Outfitter that sells unique Artifact Gear. “Company” waist and neck pieces come in three different variations that feature unique combinations of stats and attribute points. In case an artifact set bonus doesn’t help your build anyway, Stronghold gear extends your options. It’s also relatively easy to farm at 6,500 Guild Marks and good to supply alts with endgame viable gear.


  • Example:?Rubellite Amulet
  • PRO:?More diversity in stats and attribute points
  • CON:?Very expensive, weak set bonus

Just like the Stronghold Company pieces, Artifact Gear from Masterwork Professions?extends your range of attribute and stat choices. The Masterwork II recipes feature four different unique waist and neck pieces, but are often overpriced. Getting the necessary recipes is a huge undertaking and reserved for the endgame elite. Even if you’re in a well organized alliance that has access to Masterworks, you still need to supply you crafter with expensive resources to forge your piece of choice.

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