Why Safewow Members Can Buy neverwinter Astral Diamonds Xbox with over 10% Off?

Press Release   •   Jan 09, 2017 02:38 EST

Do you know that Safewow has introduced a new Member System which provides all members extra 2% to 10% off ? If you are a Safewow member, you have a chance to get over 10% off when buying astral diamonds xbox. Obviously, it is the best chance to buy cheapest neverwinter astral diamonds from Safewow.

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Happy new year 2017!Safewow offer New Member System(VIP System)in 2017 new year,2%-10% discount neverwinter astral diamonds PC/XBOX/PS4 is for all Safewow members now.(discount code and member discount is working together.)

Different levels of members get different discounts, 2% off for level 1, 3% off for level 2, 5% off for level 3, 8% off for level 4, and 10% off for level 5.

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Safewow is ringing in the new year with a brand new member system which divides all Safewow registered accounts into 5 levels based on the total reward points everyone holds. It highlights that level 1 members can get extra 2% off, 3% off for level 2, 5% off for level 3, 8% off for level 4, and 10% off for level 5.
To get these benefits, here is something worth to mention:
1. Once you register successfully, you are one of level 1 Safewow members;
2. Only when you log in your Safewow account to purchase can you get the corresponding discount;
3. The specific 2% - 10% discounts for members are cut down automatically before you check out. That means, you don’t need to type any code, but log in your Safewow account, to get saving.
4. Extra 2% - 10% discounts for members can put into effect with the 8% discount code “NWXBOX”. That is to say, when you log in safewow account to buy astral diamonds xbox, you can get less than 10% off.
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