Why shouldn’t your approach change too :Everything is changing

Press release   •   Aug 27, 2019 10:03 EDT

Personalization of approach: With the boom of data and its availability it is easier now than ever to have directed marketing approach in addition to more traditional form of marketing (viz. billboards, videos, advertisements etc). Data sources like IoT, smart devices, fitness trackers, social media applications, activity-specific trackers have given us a deluge of data, of which we often know not what to do. Combining this data with previously available metrics such as demography, life events, purchase history etc can produce insights which can define specific action points and effective engagement techniques not yet seen.

Align, align, align!: ABM is personalized approach to a specific audience set with a set message at one given point of time. Complete resonance across all frequencies can create a harmonious message which touches the very basic needs of your customer, be it an individual, group, company or even an industry. Messaging and action teams working in tandem can discover and take advantage of affinities and buying tendencies of accounts. Marketers can provide sales with insights such as interest, proclivity, malleability and sales can reciprocate with references and feedbacks.

Next step ABM: The biggest buzzwords now, of course after #crypto, are Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence. They are all around us, from handwriting recognition in real-time to self-driving cars. AI & ML have given the ABM space some very valuable relief. AI can structure cumbersome data to deliver pertinent information, action patterns, buying trends, preferences, social engagements, data consumption patterns. Converting this data into the insightful structure can enhance any organization’s ability to have more effective 1:1 interaction keeping at the fore each prospect’s individuality.

The wheels have turned, we have so much to play-dough to mold and create our unique identity and approach that all this may seem like a tall order. Take assistance from software, consultants, agencies and create demand, generate leads – take full advantage of this turning tide.

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“Everything is changing: Why shouldn’t your approach change too?”

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