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Press Release   •   Dec 11, 2015 01:17 EST

If you are a fan of Neverwinter Call to Arms skirmish events, it is time to buy cheap neverwinter AD and join in CTA Battle for the Bridge, which has been back since Dec 10 and won’t end before Dec 14. Queue for the skirmishes now and earn a Flame Sprite companion, as well as other rewards like unique dyes, brutal enchantments, etc.

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How to participate in neverwinter Battle for the Bridge?

1. Time: From December 10 at 10AM PST to December 14 at 10AM PST.
2. To participate: You must be level 6 or higher to queue for the event.
3. Sword Coast Adventures: Make sure you check out the special dungeon in the Sword Coast Adventures to battle the Fire Giant Grumthrox. You will have a chance to get Medallions of Battle from all challenges within it.
What rewards can you get from the skirmish event?

Fighting for the bridge grants you a chance of gaining the Flame Sprite, a companion that will adventure with you to pursue greater fires; a Searing Magma Dye Pack that contains bright red, golden and orange dyes that look like the magma deep within Mt. Hotenow; and enchantments as monster drops from rank 1 up to rank 5 and from the reward chest. What’s more, even if you couldn’t gain these chance rewards, many [Medallion of Battle] will be granted, allowing you to purchase unique weapon transmutes, Refiner’s Cache, and dyes from the store. Finally, you can also get an option from Greater Mark of Potency, Mark of Potency, Lesser Marker Of Potency, Flawless Sapphire, Aquamarine, and Peridot.
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