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Winans Imaginative Wins Top Honors in Mom Business Competition

Press Release   •   May 13, 2014 14:32 EDT

From among contestants across the United States, Denver, CO based Winans Imaginative has been ranked 56th in’s 2014 Top 100 Leading Moms in Business competition.

Hundreds of thousands of votes have been cast in the annual competition, and this year’s flurry of popular support of the 2014 Top 100 contestants was no exception. America has once again demonstrated its immense interest and supportiveness for moms building businesses as they also tend to their families.

“With startup rates at an all-time high, these leading moms are leading the pack in startup rates,” says Rich Sloan, chief startupologist and co-founder of StartupNation. “They’re going after their business opportunities and developing their innovative products and services with fervor,” Sloan adds.

“We are so excited and honored that we are in the Top 100 of Leading Moms in Business. We strive to make quality U.S. made products. We make Tyes, which are bi-colored shoelaces. Our Teaching Tyes help kids learn to tie their shoes while the Team Tyes can be made to show support for a favorite team. Currently, shoes in our house have either Bronco, Rockies or Red Sox colors,” says the company's owner and Chief Designer, Amy Winans. The winner’s profile for Winans Imaginative can be found at or

The 2014 Top 100 Leading Moms in Business ranking highlights some of the dominant trends, motivations and attributes among moms in business. They include:

  • A great eye for providing attractive discounts, coupons, savings and value, all especially important to consumer moms of the recession era.

  • A likelihood to come up with innovative products and solutions to address the challenging maze of motherhood. It’s an environment that demands resourcefulness.

  • Conscience-driven business, where “doing well” is just fine, but the real rush comes from doing good.

  • The attraction of being your own boss looms large for moms wanting to take control they just can’t find in a day job.

  • Sustainable solutions and responsible business practices are increasingly paramount.

  • Making the most of social media for business benefit is seemingly a birthright for the socially adept moms.

The full results of the 2014 Top 100 Leading Moms in Business ranking are available on StartupNation’s website at

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For StartupNation, contact Jeff Sloan via email at Jeff at StartupNation dot com.

For Winans Imaginative, contact Amy Winans at

Located just outside Denver, CO I make handmade, custom ordered shoelaces, called Tyes.  These are great for kids learning to tie shoes, spirit wear or making a fashion statement.  We also do Teeny Tyes which are great for baby showers or new arrivals.

This has been a trial and error endeavor on my part.  I wanted a shoelace that would make it easier for my kids to learn to tie their shoes.  I came up with the idea of having one half of the tye one color and one half the other.  That way the sides and loops would always be different and easier to see.  Since I couldn't find a product like that on the market, I made my own.

I then branched out into cheer wear, spirit wear or simply fan attire.  We can match almost any team colors so you can show support for your national, local or kids' team.  My daughters' soccer team is navy blue and white so her Tyes in her cleats are navy blue and white.

My kids help me with the packaging and the mailing.  They put the address labels on, push the “print” button on the computer and when we get to the Post Office, we use the self service machines (except for our international orders which have to be done by a real person).  My youngest and middle like using the self service machines.  Turns out it's a great way to work on colors, ordinal numbers (pick the 3rd blue bar) and letters/words (push “YES” or “NO”).

With my brand you can pick any color or colors you want.  They pair of tyes do not need to be the same.  For example, you can have one shoelace solid pink and the other shoelace solid red.  You can have one tye red and pink and the other tye purple and yellow.  Whatever you want.  YOU are then the creator, I am the manufacturer, so to speak.  You can also pick your length.  I have run across shoes where the laces are very long.  I don't like that.  Again, you can pick the length.  Those learning to tie their shoes might want a longer tye in their shoe while those who are simply matching outfits or using it for spirit wear might want shorter ones.  My daughter says that her Tyes always stay tied and the factory ones always come untied.  That's a great testament for me.  

My kids inspire me.  I want them to see you can branch out on your own.  I especially want my daughter to see you truly can do whatever you want.

All my products are US materials purchased from US companies and when I can I support other local small businesses. 

Winans Imaginative believes in giving back to the community. As we grow, we hope to sponsor events at schools, local and long distance, and give a lending a hand whenever possible.