With the launch of new camera technology, Nikon claims the best camera in the world.

Press Release   •   Feb 19, 2013 05:21 EST

Photography it is not all about clicking pictures; it is how you can capture moments with the clear emotions. Nikon well recognizes your needs and desires; therefore Nikon has produced elegant cameras with latest technology. The latest and stylish invention COOLPIX P520, COOLPIX S9500 and COOLPIX L820 have been launched with incredible zoom ranges, combining connectivity with Nikkor lenses that would capture and shoot every occasion.

Optical performance:
 The optical performance of this lens on the D700 is surprisingly very good to excellent. For a lens that supposedly doesn’t carry any ED glass, you’ll have a hard time spotting any color fringing. For pixel peepers, along high contrast edges, you will see faint color fringing but those are easily distinguished by one click of the mouse in Lightroom 4. From memory, color fringing is more evident on the D7000, so D800 users, beware!. The 12MP FX sensors are probably the best choice for those willing to use older lenses.

Under strong daylight and Flaring:
 Under strong light, like most of the older manual focusing Nikkors, it’s a good idea to over protect the front element from sidelighting as veiling glare can degrade image quality quite fast. Obviously, the vintage coatings of the day and the lack of a hood don’t help under strong midday light when it comes to that “haziness” that can destroy a picture!

Mounting on a modern DSLR:
 Being an f/mount lens means that it will mount on all Nikon cameras, including modern DSLR’s. This being a full manual lens without AF or a D chip means that you must have a way to inform the camera of its maximum aperture (eg: f/4). The cheaper DSLR’s such as a D80, won’t provide metering information since it doesn’t know the max. aperture of the lens. Fortunately, you do get the focus confirmation indicator. On the more expensive bodies, such as the D700, you can input the necessary information of the lens (eg: 200mm @ f/4) and the camera will then be able to meter using Matrix in both Aperture Priority mode and Manual mode.Unlike what you are probably used to, you can’t change the aperture by the front dial but will need to change it by manualy turning the aperture ring on the lens.

The new technology camera enabling every human to capture moments they would like to store, beautiful images can be shot through this camera. A few specification as per model is listed below:

The COOLPIX P520 is an amazing device it has got a Sports Zoom which 42x zoom lens with advance performance. The COOLPIX S9500 leading with an impressive range and created ultra slim pocket package, it has even got a built in feature which you can transfer files through WIFI to any smart device, it is best for social media websites. The COOLPIX L820 is built with 30x zoom; this model is fun to have because of its design and is best for outdoor photography.

With the release of these camera models, takes Nikon to new heights, recent reviews and specs make these devices smarter and way better than from anyother competitors products in the market.

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