Wunder Hoof

Woman owned hoofcare business starts collaborating with RJ Matthews

Press release   •   May 09, 2012 18:48 EDT

After running her business from her own garage for years, Kylie realized it was time she needed help. The demand for her products had grown and the company was looking for a hand in distributing the increasing number of orders. RJ Matthews became the collaborating parter.

Wunder Hoof, Inc. is a Texas based, family owned and operated business that has been producing hoofcare products for three generations. The Wunder Hoof conditioner was created by X Jones, a World Champion Racehorse trainer and Farrier in the early 1940’s. Due to the competitiveness of the Racehorse industry, the Jones family kept the Wunder Hoof formula a secret for decades. In 2007, nearly 70 years later, his granddaughter Kylie Jones decided to make a business out of the family secret and Wunder Hoof would start selling its conditioner to the public.

How the product works:When applied, the Wunder Hoof conditioner is absorbed quickly and easily into the skin, naturally stimulating hoof growth and improving the overall condition of the hoof. The conditioners' pain relieving and anti-bacterial qualities, the conditioner promotes healing and improve soundness to hooves. 

Wunder Hoof is produced with all natural ingredients which does not cause irritation or blistering. Because of its properties, the conditioner also aids in the treatment of scars, saddle sores, scrapes, scabs, small cuts, and arthritic and sore joints.