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Press Release   •   Aug 07, 2017 22:33 EDT

PvPers, Season 8 is swtor credits slated to end on August 22nd with the launch of Game Update 5.4. Before we get to the end of the season, let’s show you the rewards and what rating you need to be to earn them.

Bronze Tier (Rating 1250-1499)

Bronze Season 8 Battle Flag
Bronze Season 8 Frame Decoration
15,000 Season 8 Tokens
Bronze Season 8 Character Portrait Flair
Bronze Season 8 Title – “Hot [Character Name]”

Silver Tier (Rating 1500-1749)

Silver Season 8 Battle Flag
Silver Season 8 Frame Decoration
85,000 Season 8 Tokens
Silver Season 8 Character Portrait Flair
Silver Season 8 Title – “Sizzling [Character Name]”
Bronze Season 8 Title (in case they like the Bronze title more than the Silver title)

Gold Tier (Rating 1750+)

Gold Season 8 Battle Flag
Gold Season 8 Frame Decoration
250,000 Season 8 Tokens
Gold Season 8 Character Portrait Flair
Gold Season 8 Title – “[Character Name] the Fiery”
Silver Season 8 Title
Bronze Season 8 Title

Top 96

Class-specific Season 8 Top 96 Title – “[Player Name], on Fire”
Top 96 Season 8 Character Portrait Flair
350,000 Season 8 Tokens
Every tier exclusive reward from the Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers

Additionally, there are a host of items you can purchase with Season 8 tokens. Here is each item that will be available and its cost:

150,000 Tokens - Flaming Makrin Mount

100,000 Tokens - PvP Weapon Set

Blaster Pistol (main and offhand)
Blaster Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Lightsaber (main and offhand)
Double-bladed Lightsaber
Assault Cannon

50,000 Tokens - Season 8 Color Crystal Lockbox
5,000 Tokens - Previous Season Ranked Black-Silver Striated Color Crystal Lockbox
2,500 Tokens each - Stronghold Trophy Decorations
Damage (interior)
Frogdog (interior)
Gree (interior)
Health (interior)
Rotworm (interior)
Speed (interior)
Empire [faction specific]
Empire (interior) [faction specific]
Republic [faction specific]
Republic (interior) [faction specific]
2,000 Tokens each - Arena Themed Titles
Cove Cutthroat
Mesa Mauler
Orbital Station Obliterator
Canyon Crusher
Slayer of the Square

Get in there and go berserk! Compete to get as high as you can on the leaderboards and earn these great rewards. We’ll see you in Giradda’s Arena of Death.

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