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World's Largest Art Project For Charity Launches Successfully

Press Release   •   Apr 14, 2012 15:49 EDT

“The World’s Largest Art Project For Charity” and the ABCharity Project launched successfully with 500 children on Blauberg Beach in Cape Town, Friday 13th. Despite superstitions surrounding the date, the production went off without a hitch and the kids had an opportunity to participate in a global art project of kids helping kids. 

The letter “A” was created by the children of Africa Tikkun, Project Playground, The Amy Biehl Foundation and Love to Langa  led by Ashley Cooper and Filip Cederholm of Peace Love and Photography and Cape Town Productions. 

ABCharity is the alphabet made with thousands of children from all around the World grouping together to form each letter. They will do one letter per Country, when all of the letters are complete they will be sold as photo art in a limited edition and %100 of the money will go straight to different charities.

ABCharity is just one of 3 art projects made by Ashley and Filip of  Peace Love and Photography. It marks the beginning of their 26 Country World tour trying to raise 10 million USD for charity by Dec 2106. The entire trip is part of a web series based in real time, encouraging people to join in and help out, proving that “Together we can make a difference”   These two have already garnered much interest around their project  so far, having 25,000+ followers to date, and the journey is just beginning,

The whole launch was a success this Friday and is the culmination of more than a year and a halfs of work from Ashley and Filip.  It was an overwhelming feeling for them both, not only to see their dreams become a reality but to see all of those who came out to make it happen and to see the smiles on the kids faces. The whole production went off without a hitch and will hopefully continue to inspire and help all who attended.


Peace Love & Photography is a web series in real time about the making of "The World's Largest Art Project For Charity" with an aim of raising 10 million USD by Dec 2016.

Join Ashley & Filip on their 26 Country World tour, creating art and inspiring children. They have packed up their bags and gotten rid of all of their belongings to set out with one mission, raising money for charity and raising hopes for children.