WOW Classic Guides, Newbie Must Read

Press release   •   Aug 26, 2019 02:48 EDT

In WOW Classic, the biggest difference with the current World of Warcraft version is that everything is no longer so convenient. Here U4GM as a best wow classic gold seller Share WOW Classic Tips for Beginners, Help you enjoy this game.

wow classic guides


In today's WOW almost reaches the corner of the world is very refreshing, fast portal; slow "big bird", the rhythm of the entire game is also very fast. But in WOW Classic everything is no longer so convenient, the scarce portal (to buy money), the most convenient is nothing more than an airship. Most of the traffic is basically running, and expensive horses are not easily owned by everyone, but you will not miss those scenery and interesting things (such as PVP) along the way!


No longer have the dungeons finder, the collection stone does not have the pull function, and the poor poor equipment falls. The small dungeons group of people for half an hour, gathering for half an hour, playing dungeons for an hour, coupled with minor equipment upgrades, will make new people suffer. The team dungeons are even more tragic. The 40-person team dungeons is a nightmare for many small guilds. It is a problem to get 40 people first. The number of poor drops per BOSS is even more of a problem. It also makes the equipment in WOW Classic very precious, a large amount of pharmacy total consumption is a nightmare for casual players!

Power Leveling:

As we have said in the past, because there is no flying mount in WOW Classic, and a more humanized monster refresh mechanism, it directly leads to the full map is a player, and grabbing a strange in the new service is a problem. Of course, the cruel PVP is still indispensable, and the resurrection of death will become the norm. Regarding the task, you should pay attention to it. Don't change the map easily to do the task. Frequent replacement of the map in WOW Classic will only waste you a lot of time, and destroy the coherence of the task, even to the point where no task can be done! Here suggest you go u4gm.com to buying wow classic power leveling to resolve this problem.


Prestige is still very important in WOW Classic. The more the prestige rewards drawings and equipment get the income, the more the Orgrimmar prestige mounts and weapons, the Zul'Drak prestige shoulder enchant the Ahn'Qiraj prestige suit. Good parts. In short, check your needs in advance, and go to prematurely as soon as possible.

Equipment :

Due to the difficulty of collecting equipment in WOW Classic, in addition to the regular team dungeons get equipment. In some cases, the equipment produced by the manufacturing industry is also optional. Prestige rewards will also get good equipment. If you can, the rank award package is also a good choice. In short, the equipment acquisition method is more diverse, and it is not necessary to drill the horns to stare at the dungeons equipment, such as the soldier's Lionheart Helm, which is a very good piece of equipment.