wow gold on sale Netherlord's Dreadsteed - 7.2 Warlock Class Mount and Quests

Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2017 01:43 EST

Today we are taking a look at the 7.2 Warlock class mount Hellblazing Reins of the Brimstone Dreadsteed, which has throwbacks to the Dreadsteed of Xoroth questline, similar to how the Paladin Quest references Summon Charger. As this post covers unreleased content, general spoiler warning if you don't want to read about 7.2 quest and lore.
First, you must talk to Mor'zul Bloodbringer in your Order Hall. This NPC was part of the original Warlock Mount questline, with quests such as Dreadsteed of Xoroth.
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Ever since I was "displaced" by the Blackrock orcs in the Burning Steppes, I have continued my research into the dreadsteeds of Xoroth in hiding. During one of my rituals, I managed to capture an odd demon from the other side - one of the ones we call a "wyrmtongue."

After several weeks of questioning, the demon revealed that Lord Hel'nurath has been working to create a more powerful steed for the fel knights of Xoroth.

He calls it the Wrathsteed.

While the wyrmtongue know little of the steed itself, it is clear that Hel'nurath has thus far only been able to create one. He has gifted it to his greatest general, the fel knight Arax'ath. The tricky part is that Arx'ath seldom leaves Xoroth, preferring to command his armies from afar.

However, I think we might be able to draw him out. For that I will require your help.
You must them work on gathering materials to build a portal. Similar to the original Dreadsteed of Xoroth questline, this questline requires you collect various materials. (Note that the requirements may be reduced in an upcoming PTR build.) You will need 10 Demonsteel Bar, 5 Pandemonite, and 3 Unbending Potion.

You must also complete a Legion Invasion Scenario for Overcharged Fel Core and collect 50 Owlbeast Blood, a throwback to Rage of Blood.

You must then use your Succubus' Seduction to question Xorothian Cultist in the Dark Stockades on the Broken Shore. You're hoping to find the location of their leader, who has one of Hel'nurath's powerful Xorothian Calling Stone to bind the dreadsteeds of Xoroth. The leader's name is revealed to be Zuriwa the Hexxer, and she is guarded by the demons Xul'rath and Kol'rath.

Finally, you are ready to start the Calling the Wrathsteed scenario. Using the materials gathered, you will open a portal to Xoroth and lure Arax'ath and the Wrathsteed out.

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