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Press Release   •   Dec 07, 2015 00:16 EST

Hey guys! You don't know me but I would like to share with you all a little bit of a concern that I'm having right now. As you can see the title it's clearly about World PvP.

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With the game we have seen changes to PvE, PvP talents coming next xpac, hell we even got newer models. But something that hasn't seemed to have gotten a little attention is the World PvP department of things. And I'm not talking about things that came out in MoP like Thunder and Timeless Isle. I personally had a blast out in those areas. But what I'm mainly aiming at is how the server handles Large Scale World PvP engagements.

But what actually ends up happening is this.....

It's much less fun when everything that PvP'ers have learned through grinding out Arenas and RBGs about positioning, communication, and teamwork ultimately ends up being who can spam AoE longer and who can fight through the phaselines.

It feels much less epic when something like a mass Alliance group lines up in one of our major cities before we assault a city and we disappear from each other because the server can't even handle that many people on the same faction in one place like that.

The only option for Alliance would be not to respond at all. Which I don't think fits the idea or spirit of what World PvP should be in my eyes. People see an army charging into our main cities should get us pumped to grab our weapons and face any odds that are placed infront of us because these areas are where our factions call home. But because of these issues that are put infront of us, the lag, the phaselines, and the server crashes, it deters anyone from even wanting to do it in the first place.

First off lemme state that I'm not saying that this is the "epitome" of skill in World PvP. But lets look at the differences between LazyPeons video and the previous large scale videos that I linked. The first thing is that I can visually see everyone. So the sense of scale is already there and feels like an army of Horde is rolling in to tear up Alliance. There's some lag but not too much of it. The lag gets really bad at the last fight for sure hands down. But at least I could see everyone. Also in the first engagement, people aren't running in place like in the last one.

I see other games that have been able to handle +100 v +100 that didn't warrant a server crash. And I know what a lot of people are thinking there too.

"Well why don't you just join those games?"

Because I love to play World of Warcraft! I honestly want to see Blizzard succeed. They already got the PvE side of things down. And it seems that they are giving some attention to the PvP side of things in Legion. And as much people want to say that Arenas and RBGs > World PvP I would agree with them. But World PvP also exists too and we should try our best to make every aspect of the game fun and enjoyable for everyone.

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