Xmas 10% off wow gold sale:Warcraft Film Derivatives Highlight the Concept of Alliance vs Horde

Press Release   •   Dec 15, 2015 02:21 EST

Recently, Legendary Pictures has shared the design concept of Warcraft film derivatives with a number of wonderful drawings, highlighting the different elements between Horde and Alliance. At the same time, Legendary Pictures also partnered with Mtime to show the design of toys, clothing bags, 3c electronic products, jewelry and other product. Merry christmas,Time to join safewow XMAS Party now:Up to 10% off wow gold for sale during Dec23,2015- Jan2,2016.

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Alliance vs Horde concept is highlighted in wow film

Wow players would definitely know that one of the most obvious features of wow film is that the confrontation between Horde (Orc) and Alliance (humans) factions. And this feature was highlighted again at Carnival time (2016 Corn Derivatives Conference) when the vice president of Legendary Pictures, Jamie Kampel shared the design concept of the film’s derivatives and the finished product with a number of wonderful drawings.
In the design of "World of Warcraft" film derivatives, the characteristics of Horde and Alliance have been carried out the details. For example, when creating the peripheral products of Alliance, the designer took inspiration from the iconic elements of European royalty, adopted the collection colors of blue and gold, and highlighted stones, shield and other metallic texture to fit the tastes of mature audiences. By contrast, the peripheral products Horde used darker theme and kept in earth tones. Combined red and black colors with bohemian style, plus the extensive use of leather materials, they showed out a rough and original style. Either support Horde or Alliance, World of Warcraft" fans may recognize their own faction when looking at the products.
Wow themed products target at more audients

While designing hand-made collection, emulation properties, Collector's Edition cards for the hardcore fans, WoW film will also be looking to the most common audients and the next generation of fans. At the event, Legendary Pictures partnered with Mtime to show the design of toys, clothing bags, 3c electronic products, jewelry and other product. However, the collections don’t stop here. As female players take up 1/4 of all World of Warcraft players around the world, the consideration has been also given to them when designed the derivatives. There are "World of Warcraft" theme of heels, handbags, earrings, and other products. In addition, a group of lovely roles and pixel-class product design can also help to draw the eyes of female and young audience.

According to Jamie Kampel, warcraft film will be released on June 10th in North America next year. What faction will you stand on that day when you go to the cinema? No matter you are in Horde or Alliance, there are many goodies await your collection. Just don’t forget to buy lowest price wow gold on safewow and keep pace with the game updates when you are excited about the wow film!

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