Case Study - Spread-tow fabric secures ultralight aircraft’s weight goal

Jan 13, 2012 02:35 EST Oxeon AB Startup general aviation manufacturer Shark Aero (Hlboké, Slovak Republic) designed its composite-airframed, single-seat prototype ultralight aircraft (ULA), the Shark UL, with a view toward reducing weight. To achieve the company approached Oxeon AB (Borås, Sweden) to test TeXtreme Spread Tow woven carbon fabrics. This Case Study was published in High-Performance Composites January issue 2012.

Case Study - Kiteboards perform better with TeXtreme® reinforcement

Nov 16, 2011 06:28 EST Oxeon AB Specialist kiteboard and surfboard manufacturer North Kiteboarding uses TeXtreme® spread tow carbon fabric from Oxeon AB in its new Select and Team Series composite boards to produce the lightest products on the market, with the best riding experience. This Case Study was published in Reinforced Plastics November/December issue 2011.

Paper - A new approach to producing tubular items using +α/-β Spread Tow Fabrics

Nov 03, 2011 05:45 EDT Oxeon AB The recent development of continuous-length +α/-β Spread Tow Fabric manufacture, wherein spread tow tapes are incorporated at angles other than conventional 0°/90°, opens up new opportunities in manufacturing tubular items.

Paper -Technical and economic advantages of continuous length +α -β Spread Tow Fabrics

Nov 03, 2011 05:43 EDT Oxeon AB A new reinforcement fabric called +α/-β Spread Tow Fabric (+α/-β STF) has been developed recently. It incorporates Spread Tow Tapes of carbon fibers in angular orientations relative to the fabric’s length direction. The +α/-β STF is producible in continuous length. It has been developed to enable direct production of multi-directional reinforcement by plying.

Paper - New opportunities in lightweight Spread Tow Fabrics (STF)

Nov 03, 2011 05:39 EDT Oxeon AB A new and flexible method has been developed to produce lightweight fabric called Spread Tow Fabric (STF). It involves the steps of spreading a tow of higher count, e.g. 12k, into thin-and-wide Spread Tow Tapes (STT) and weaving them into a lightweight fabric by employing the novel tape-weaving technique.

A recommended guide for how to work with TeXtreme® Spread Tow Fabrics

Sep 19, 2011 10:47 EDT Oxeon AB In order to make best use of TeXtreme® and to give some advice on how to work with Spread Tow Fabrics we have developed an illustrative guide. This guide will aid in teaching how to use TeXtreme® Spread Tow Fabrics effectively and to utilize the full potential of the benefits that TeXtreme® brings.

Paper: Continuous-length Spread Tow +α/-β Fabrics

May 10, 2011 04:21 EDT Oxeon AB Oxeon's Product Manager Materials, Fredrik Ohlsson, presented the paper titled Continuous-length Spread Tow +α/-β Fabrics on the Composites UK annual conference held 5-6 of May in Manchester, United Kingdom. The paper is written by Fredrik Ohlsson and Dr. Nandan Khokar and covers the principles of Oxeon's groundbreaking innovation with +α/-β variants of TeXtreme® Spread Tow Fabrics.

Case Study: Composites surface smoothness improvement published in JEC Composites Magazine no. 63

Mar 22, 2011 10:43 EDT Oxeon AB The Case Study involves how Spread Tow Fabrics could be a valuable solution to improve the surface smoothness of composites. The Case Study describes how Baltic Yachts have successfully improved the surface smoothness on their hulls. The Case Study is available for reading and download in the News Room, under Case Studies on the Oxeon website.