Press Releases

Mar 24, 2015 03:00 EDT Tobii Technology

Assassin’s Creed® Rogue Benchmarks New Era in Gaming with Tobii Eye Tracking Integration

Feb 05, 2015 12:00 EST Tobii Technology Tobii Tech in partnership with Ubisoft®, announced today that Assassin’s Creed® Rogue, the new installment in the multimillion dollar Assassin’s Creed franchise, will feature integrated eye-tracking input in its PC version.

Feb 02, 2015 07:05 EST Tobii Technology Tobii, the world leader in eye tracking, has appointed Kent Sander as new Chairman of the Board and elected Åsa Hedin new member of the Board. Sander replaces Arne Almerfors who has chosen to step down.

A simple and fun way to learn eye tracking and prepare for AAC

Jan 27, 2015 14:23 EST Tobii Technology The PCEye Explore is an entry level, peripheral eye tracker that opens up the wonderful world of gaze interaction to everyone. With the PCEye Explore, young and inexperienced users get a simple, fun and no-fail way to learn how to use eye tracking and gaze interaction, while at the same time preparing them for AAC.

Dec 29, 2014 08:24 EST Tobii Technology Tobii Tech will showcase how pioneering consumers will take eye-tracking technology out of the lab and into their daily lives in 2015. From the world’s first consumer eye tracker developed in partnership with premier gaming gear brand SteelSeries to the first steps in eye-tracking wearables, Tobii will give a first glimpse into what is waiting for consumers in the coming months.

Tobii Releases EyeX Plug-in for Unreal Engine 4

Dec 04, 2014 10:05 EST Tobii Technology Tobii Technology announced today the release of a new Tobii EyeX plug-in for Unreal Engine 4. This new addition to the Tobii EyeX SDK provides developers with an exciting set of new features to easily and seamlessly create new gaming experiences never possible before.

Order a Pizza with Your Mind and Eyes Using Pizza Hut Restaurant’s Subconscious Menu by Tobii Eye Tracking

Nov 28, 2014 09:57 EST Tobii Technology Tobii Technology and Pizza Hut Restaurant’s today release footage of the World's first Subconscious Menu, designed to intuitively recognize what the user really wants, even when the user doesn't know themselves.

EyeSeeMed by ESINOMED uses Tobii eye tracking to give surgeons hands-free access to data

Nov 12, 2014 04:01 EST Tobii Technology Tobii Technology announced today that its partner ESINOMED GmbH, is launching EyeSeeMed, the world’s first eye-tracking solution that integrates with hospital PACS systems to give surgeons hands-free access to imaging and patient data in sterile surgical environments.

Tobii Dynavox brings the T-Series Communication Devices to users in Europe

Oct 15, 2014 10:24 EDT Tobii Technology The T-Series, by Tobii Dynavox, has been tremendously successful in the USA, helping thousands of individuals with communication impairments lead a more independent and fulfilled life. Now, the T-Series is being introduced in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa as well.

Users with complex communication needs get more ways to express themselves

Oct 15, 2014 08:57 EDT Tobii Technology The eye controlled speech generating devices in the Tobii Dynavox I-Series join the T-Series in supporting the Compass communication software, currently available in U.S. English and German.