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Jul 13, 2015 05:19 EDT BettyKrueger

Apr 29, 2015 08:17 EDT BettyKrueger With respect of application segments, aviation financial leasing business presented continuous growth. As of the end of Sep. 2014, China Civil Aviation Industry had nearly 2,200 passenger planes. Among them, 1,500 planes were from leasing (including 40% of financing leasing). This was due to continuous business expansion and promotion of cross-border leasing product of banking leasing companies.

Apr 17, 2015 05:30 EDT BettyKrueger The third-party payment industry led by internet payment, mobile payment, prepaid card, POS (Point of Sale), etc. has continued to flourish since 2014, with market transaction scale hitting RMB23.3 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 35.47%, and 270 licensed companies (as of April 10, 2015), of which, Beijing has the largest number of 58.

Jan 26, 2015 11:28 EST Deals Secure Group Holding Co. GP. In an article under the headline "Dr. Faisal Khazaal's 20-year Journey", the magazine told the story of Dr. Khazaal successful career from 1995 to 2015

Jan 22, 2014 11:12 EST The slow growth was attributed to the sovereign debt crisis in the country that lasted the entire review period, which led to a rise in unemployment and a reduction in wages. It was further discouraged by political instability and a credit ratings downgrade by the leading rating agencies.

Nordic Life Science Days - Successful international life science business meeting in the Nordic countries

Nov 05, 2013 04:54 EST SwedenBIO The first international life science business-, invest- and network meeting with a Nordic focus has been a success. With 647 registered participants from 350 companies from 20 countries it is a large truly international meeting with an international delegate rate of 43.7 %.

Nordic Life Science Days presents: Nordic Stars - a tribute to the innovative force the Nordic region is famous for

Oct 15, 2013 15:15 EDT SwedenBIO The four hosts of the international business meeting Nordic Life Science Days present five corporate organizations highlighted as shining examples in the life science industry. The Nordic Stars 2013: Danish Star: Expres2ion Biotechnologies. Finnish Star: Oncos Therapeutics Icelandic Star: Mentis Cura Norwegian Star: PCI Biotech Holding Swedish Star: Nanologica

Oct 15, 2013 13:16 EDT AFPE Bancless Loans offers an innovative alternative for those in need of a loan.

Platform for improved life science - China and Sweden collaborate  Memorandum of Understanding signed at international life science business meeting

Oct 14, 2013 15:15 EDT SwedenBIO Taizhou Medical Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, also known as the China Medical City and SwedenBIO, the Swedish Life Science Industry Organization, will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to facilitate the collaboration between the organizations and the countries’ life science academics and industries.

Nordic Life Science Days brings Nordic life science expertize to the world and the world to Nordic life science

Oct 01, 2013 03:01 EDT SwedenBIO Nordic Life Science Days brings executives from small to medium sized Nordic life science companies to a global audience in the world’s highest ranking region for innovation. It is a focused and targeted platform to explore the region’s expertise, investment and partnering opportunities. NLSDays focuses on business development by creating a network of investors,big pharma and small companies.