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Robo-Motions: The New Robosigning Scandal

Aug 16, 2012 15:53 EDT Oppenheim Law Oppenheim Law is now seeing robosigning creep into others aspects of our legal proceedings in the form of "robo-motions" and their impact could be far more dangerous than any fraudulently signed document we've seen before.

@OpLaw Dirty Dozen; When Every Bank Is Guilty; The Only Crime Is Getting Caught

Aug 10, 2012 18:00 EDT Oppenheim Law Oppenheim Law exposes our "Dirty Dozen", a group of twelve banks that have perpetrated the most egregious tax fraud the IRS has ever seen.

California Homeowners’ Bill of Rights Passes; Common Sense Prevails

Jul 13, 2012 12:21 EDT Oppenheim Law Homeowners everywhere should be looking at California and taking notice. The government there is finally taking the power away from the banks and placing it back in the hands of the homeowners.

Foreclosure Review: Just Another Government Program You Can’t Count On

Jun 26, 2012 15:39 EDT Oppenheim Law The Independent Foreclosure Review program, like countless other government 'solutions' before it, offers the banks too many outs and too many loopholes.

To Tell the Truth — Will the Real Lender Please Stand Up?

Jun 22, 2012 17:32 EDT Oppenheim Law The banks are playing a warped game of To Tell The Truth with borrowers, but no one is winning this shell game.

How Some States Are Spending Foreclosure Settlement Money Is Far From Settling

May 19, 2012 18:15 EDT Oppenheim Law At least a dozen states are using money from the national mortgage settlement and using it to fix problems unrelated to the housing crisis.

Landmark Foreclosure Case Goes Before Florida Supreme Court; Has Banks Terrified

May 09, 2012 15:52 EDT Oppenheim Law Roman Pino vs Bank of New York, a case to be heard Thursday, could finally have the banks facing justice for their illegal robosigning.

Foreclosure Clean-Up Gets Police Response, But Not Bank Fraud?

May 07, 2012 18:00 EDT Oppenheim Law The banks can break into a home they are trying to foreclose on without incident, but when citizens try to clean up the same home, that's when the police come out?

‘Bad Neighbor Banks’ Take Hold In South Florida

May 05, 2012 18:00 EDT Oppenheim Law Banks make rotten neighbors, as I've said for years, and now The Sun-Sentinel has the numbers that back me up.

An Open Letter to Pam Bondi

May 02, 2012 17:57 EDT Oppenheim Law Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi wants help deciding what to do with the $300 million the state will be receiving directly from the national mortgage settlement