Chase meets Florida mortgage settlement obligation -- Palm Beach Post

Nov 16, 2012 09:49 EST Oppenheim Law “If you give something up that you weren't ever going to get, what are you really giving up?” said South Florida foreclosure defense attorney Roy Oppenheim.

Lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase could challenge the Wall Street Rule -- Yahoo! Homes

Oct 03, 2012 10:21 EDT Oppenheim Law Eric Schneiderman's lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase and Bear Stearns might be a legitimate challenge to the Wall Street Rule and lead to real change of how securitized trusts are structured.

Chase offers no doc refis, principal reduction - HousingWire

Aug 06, 2012 18:28 EDT Oppenheim Law Roy Oppenheim, a foreclosure defense attorney operating in Florida, said in an interview that the Chase letters do not surprise him.

Short Sales Soar as Home Foreclosures Fall -

Apr 27, 2012 09:37 EDT Oppenheim Law “When the robosigning crisis hit, there was effectively an 18-month moratorium on foreclosures,” said Roy Oppenheim, a foreclosure defense attorney with Oppenheim Law in South Florida.

Mortgage deal is broadest action taken in foreclosure crisis

Feb 10, 2012 14:12 EST Oppenheim Law "Everyone gets their comeuppance," says Roy Oppenheim in reaction to the robosigning settlement in today's USA Today.