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Sep 04, 2014 15:30 EDT Reports N Reports The need for feed testing emerged due to the occurrence of several diseases in animals due to the consumption of contaminated compound feed. Industrialization has also led to the contamination of feed ingredients such as corn, maize, and other grains, which are cultivated in land that is exposed to contamination

Nov 13, 2012 19:36 EST Smiley Dog Annual Open House celebrates local pets, people and businesses Seattle area pet owners are invited to attend annual Woofstock celebration for Santa pet photos, free samples, and silent auction to benefit Summit Assistance Dogs. Pets and their owners will enjoy munchies and great deals while supporting local businesses.

Nov 15, 2011 18:34 EST Smiley Dog Annual pet celebration adds Silent Auction and pet food bank to benefit PAWS, features local pet vendors

May 11, 2011 16:22 EDT DoodyCalls With upwards of 78 million dogs and 86 million cats now owned as pets in the United States, the amount of waste produced every year is monumental.

May 03, 2011 08:26 EDT pets4you Recent numbers show that 63% of US households own a pet - that's 71.1 million homes. Animal companionship is often a valuable part of a human's life in the present, and owner and pet can form deep relationships that span many years.

May 03, 2011 08:18 EDT pets4you Pets have become an important member of most of the families today.

May 03, 2011 08:13 EDT pets4you Biting for the members of the canine family is the most common behavior meant to establish dominance.

May 03, 2011 08:03 EDT pets4you Training a puppy at the initial stage is a very difficult task, you have to teach your puppy early as they pick up really fast.

May 03, 2011 07:52 EDT pets4you There are many ways to get those cash coming in. You can choose from the big businesses which will cost you more to start up.

May 03, 2011 07:08 EDT pets4you Nutritious pet food is all about putting your pet on healthy diet. It is all about placing your pet on healthy pet food.