$8.4 billion from foreclosure settlement to help Florida homeowners

Feb 09, 2012 21:40 EST Oppenheim Law Roy Oppenheim said in today's Palm Beach Post the banks are taking only a $5 billion hit nationally with the cash payment owed to the states and federal government.

Florida gets $8.4 billion share of foreclosure settlement

Feb 09, 2012 21:09 EST Oppenheim Law Nearly half of Florida's take could trickle down to Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties, mostly in the form of loan modifications and other relief, Roy Oppenheim told the Sun-Sentinel.

Massive mortgage settlement has winners and losers

Feb 09, 2012 16:30 EST Oppenheim Law “The only people who lose are the people who leave [their houses] and don’t stand their ground,” Weston attorney Roy Oppenheim says in today's South Florida Business Journal

Experts Taking Closer Look At Obama’s Foreclosure Plan

Jan 25, 2012 18:52 EST Oppenheim Law Foreclosure defense attorney Roy Oppenheim remains skeptical of both President Obama's and the GOP candidates plans to fix the housing market. He shares his commentary with CBS Miami's Al Sunshine.

Residential lending drops 84% from peak year

Jan 24, 2012 11:51 EST Oppenheim Law Weston attorney Roy Oppenheim, who specializes in foreclosure defense, said the mortgage broker compensation system, which rewarded them for making high-rate loans, and investors’ appetites for subprime mortgage-backed securities are to blame.

Oppenheim Law Review Article Goes Viral

Nov 02, 2011 16:04 EDT Oppenheim Law Roy Oppenheim and associate Jacquelyn K. Trask wrote the article "Deconstructing the Black Magic of Securitized Trusts" for the Stetson Law Review’s spring 2012 issue. The 30-page essay went viral in just a few days, reports the Daily Business Review.

Group Wants Mandatory Mediation Program Killed

Oct 28, 2011 16:12 EDT Oppenheim Law The Daily Business Review caught up with Roy Oppenheim as an expert source on the mandatory mediation program, and he believes the banks acted in bad faith

Oppenheim Tells Fox News – AG Settlement is Deal with Devil

Oct 14, 2011 16:17 EDT Oppenheim Law The foreclosure settlement deal is too sweet for the banks and not worth a “deal with the devil” South Florida Law blogger and foreclosure defense attorney Roy Oppenheim told Fox News national correspondent Phil Keating. The national story aired on FoxNews America’s Newsroom to more than 2 million households.

Will clearing foreclosure logjam revive Florida's economy?

Sep 24, 2011 06:06 EDT Oppenheim Law "The biggest problem is there is a sense that we can trust these banks in terms of bringing a non-judicial foreclosure," said South Florida foreclosure defense attorney Roy Oppenheim. "The irony is that time and time again we've seen that we can't trust them."

 Foreclosure mediation program's low rate of success leaves its future in doubt

Sep 21, 2011 06:13 EDT Oppenheim Law South Florida foreclosure defense attorney Roy Oppenheim said most banks want to look only at modifications, for which homeowners may not qualify. "You have someone on the phone from the bank and the only thing they have is a computer monitor in front of them and the only thing they can do is modify," he said. "It's not mediation; its modification or bust."