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Jul 27, 2012 10:19 EDT Oppenheim Law Home foreclosure is a painful process that can involve an entire team of professionals, including realtors, lenders, bankers, and lawyers. As a homeowner, negotiating the process with so many entities is, at the very least, an overwhelming task

Twilight in the Sunshine State: Florida's Vision of Boomer-Land -- Huffington Post

Jul 13, 2012 17:30 EDT Oppenheim Law “The real estate industrial complex drove Florida’s economy,” says Roy Oppenheim, a housing lawyer at a Ft. Lauderdale firm.

Few Floridians apply for foreclosure compensation -- Palm Beach Post

Jul 06, 2012 10:06 EDT Oppenheim Law “If you’re waiting for the government cavalry to ride in and make everything alright, I’m sad to say you’ll be waiting a long time,” said foreclosure defense attorney Roy Oppenheim, of Oppenheim Law in Weston. “

HUD secretary: Homeowners need more help -- Sun-Sentinel

Jun 16, 2012 17:04 EDT Oppenheim Law Roy Oppenheim, a foreclosure defense attorney in Weston, said he told Donovan that the big banks have too much power and should be broken up into regional entities.

Foreclosure woes persist in South County - Sun-Sentinel

Jun 05, 2012 08:59 EDT Oppenheim Law About 70 residents, many of them representing homeowners associations, brought their concerns to Clerk of Court Sharon R. Bock and Roy D. Oppenheim, a national foreclosure expert, at a library here Monday night.

Pino v. BNY Mellon case hinges on interpretation of procedural rules - Housing Wire

May 10, 2012 17:32 EDT Oppenheim Law Foreclosure defense attorney Roy Oppenheim, co-founder and senior partner of Oppenheim Law in Florida, is worried that the rules are being used as a tactical device for financial firms to cover up processing issues.

Short Sales Soar as Home Foreclosures Fall -

Apr 27, 2012 09:37 EDT Oppenheim Law “When the robosigning crisis hit, there was effectively an 18-month moratorium on foreclosures,” said Roy Oppenheim, a foreclosure defense attorney with Oppenheim Law in South Florida.

Survey: Mortgage Foreclosure Scams Surge - US News and World Report

Apr 23, 2012 16:26 EDT Oppenheim Law Homeowners should never have to pay anything up front for a loan modification or information on how to negotiate with their lender, says Roy Oppenheim, whose Florida-based law firm Oppenheim Law has handled more than 1,000 mortgage and foreclosure fraud cases over the past 5 years.

Short sales outnumber foreclosures amid housing recovery - Sun-Sentinel

Apr 20, 2012 20:00 EDT Oppenheim Law "Everybody's at the top of their game now," said Roy Oppenheim, a Weston-based foreclosure defense lawyer.

Short sales pick up in housing market - USA Today

Apr 20, 2012 09:40 EDT Oppenheim Law New rules have slowed foreclosures in many states, increasing short sales, says Florida foreclosure defense attorney Roy Oppenheim.