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Are you willing to stand your ground for 5 years to save your home?

Jul 09, 2015 19:10 EDT Oppenheim Law The 5-Year-Statute-of-Limitations-Rules are complex for homeowners to wade through. One Florida court rules. Stand your ground and keep your home in some foreclosure cases.

You Won’t Believe What Decided the Fate of Foreclosure Cases at the 4th DCA | South Florida Law Blog

Jan 12, 2015 18:25 EST Oppenheim Law “Normally you see discrepancies of this nature within different circuits. But what we’re seeing in the Fourth is among themselves,” said foreclosure defense attorney Roy Oppenheim. “It just makes this more complex. When there is cloudiness, it just creates more ambiguity and delays the conclusion of the foreclosure mess. In the end it doesn’t help anybody when you have inconsistent rules.”

Dec 16, 2014 10:43 EST Oppenheim Law So here we have it: Congress is passing a law that is retroactive that provides no guidance whatsoever to the future conduct of an individual.

Dyck-O’Neal, Inc., – Reviving the Homeowner Foreclosure Nightmare with Deficiency Judgment Lawsuits

Jul 24, 2014 18:18 EDT Oppenheim Law Oppenheim Law Firm has anticipated that there would be a rush by the banks to file deficiency judgment actions against homeowners as the clock ticked down to the July 1st, 2014 deadline. In fact, in June 2014 – Dyck-O’Neal, Inc., filed 323 deficiency cases in Broward County alone.

Dodd-Frank Stalls Home Seller-Financing

Jul 24, 2014 14:39 EDT Oppenheim Law The average home buyer or seller-financer may now be breaking the law according to Dodd-Frank. Oppenheim Law blogs about the exceptions to the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Dodd-Frank rules. Under the rules, take this into consideration: a seller of a residential property may not act as financer to the buyer if the seller is not a licensed mortgage originator, unless...

Jul 01, 2014 05:57 EDT Oppenheim Law We live in a world that runs on oil. War in the Middle-East puts that supply at risk which makes investments scarce. The local South Florida real estate market has weathered lots of storms. Stay tuned as we continue to watch the events halfway around the world affect our real estate market.

The economy is up, foreclosures are down but re-foreclosures are also up

Jun 11, 2014 20:22 EDT Oppenheim Law As the Florida real estate and general economy are improving, with average sales prices increasing, the number of foreclosures dropping and unemployment also increasing a funny thing happened as we continue through this recovery: re-foreclosures are up. Re-foreclosures you ask? That’s right.

May 29, 2014 15:39 EDT Oppenheim Law

A Veterans Day Message

Nov 11, 2013 08:35 EST Oppenheim Law

A View of the Bench

Nov 05, 2013 16:09 EST Oppenheim Law Roy Oppenheim admonished the judicial branch to take heed in dispensing the traditional rules of due process at DBR seminar on foreclosure law