Foreclosure Fighter

Jun 10, 2015 12:20 EDT Oppenheim Law How Oppenheim Law became a major national figure in the nation’s mortgage meltdown. Front an center in real estate law is the 5-Year-Statute-of-Limitations rule. It has to do with the five-year limitation for finishing the foreclosure of a mortgage. The question is: What happens in Florida cases where the foreclosure lawsuit was dismissed and the five years have run out? Ask Roy.

Nov 16, 2014 17:17 EST Oppenheim Law The American Horror Story winds down in Florida as cases become involuntarily dismissed by judges - See more at:

Lenders Lose Right To Sue To Recover On This

Jul 07, 2014 05:51 EDT Oppenheim Law "There's been a flurry of banks filing for deficiency cases before the clock struck midnight," said Roy Oppenheim, cofounder and senior partner at Oppenheim Law in Weston. "We've seen a dramatic increase in the last several weeks with banks filing, and we've been busy on that score." Oppenheim said his caseload doubled in the months leading up to the deadline with deficiency suits.

NYTimes: Here Comes the Judge, in Cuffs

Jul 01, 2014 05:36 EDT Oppenheim Law "There are far deeper systemic issues that I see everyday that contradicts what we all learned in law school." Roy Oppenheim, Oppenheim Law

Courts Becoming More Homeowner Friendly In Foreclosures

Oct 14, 2013 13:28 EDT Oppenheim Law Foreclosure defense attorney Roy Oppenheim held court with Judges and debated about foreclosure law. The state of residential foreclosures prompted lively exchanges at Daily Business Review conference as homeowners win more dismissals, defense attorneys are finding the homes come with a catch — title insurance is virtually impossible to get.


Aug 23, 2013 21:36 EDT Oppenheim Law

Florida homeowners get $9.2 billion in home help

Aug 23, 2013 16:45 EDT Oppenheim Law Florida homeowners received more than $9.2 billion in home loan help through the historic National Mortgage Settlement negotiated last year, exceeding expectations by $800 million. However,it was money banks likely would have lost anyway in a foreclosure, but it also allowed borrowers to more easily negotiate a loan modification on their primary mortgage, said foreclosure defense attorney Oppeheim

Million-dollar mansion won by real estate mavens

Aug 11, 2013 11:46 EDT Oppenheim Law The bank voluntarily dismissed its foreclosure cases against this Boca Raton mansion in the 700 block of Sanctuary Drive after a legal misstep at trial last month.

Eminent Domain the White Knight:

Aug 11, 2013 11:12 EDT Oppenheim Law Eminent Domain the White Knight. Cities are turning to the concept of eminent domain to battle sinking property values and assist homeowners in distress

Asymmetry: Aggressively Pushing Open Cases Through the System

Aug 07, 2013 14:04 EDT Oppenheim Law Miami-Dade circuit judges have been disposing of residential foreclosure cases at more than twice the rate of Broward judges, but all Florida circuits are following a game plan to rid themselves of their years-old backlogs by 2016.