Planet X is headed straight for us!

Planet X is headed straight for us!

Mar 31, 2016 21:38 EDT

Due to a celestial event, 70 000 years ago, the newly discovered ninth planet is believ...

Attana Recruiting

Dec 05, 2013 04:38 EST

As a result of Attana recently resuming direct sales operations we are currently recrui...

Halo Genomics i Dagens Nyheter

Nov 09, 2011 12:32 EST

Halo Genomics and Uppsala University working on joint colon cancer study

Nov 07, 2011 04:31 EST

Researchers from Uppsala University and Halo Genomics are working on a joint study to i...

Halo Genomics in the news

Mar 02, 2011 11:49 EST