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Apr 22, 2013 16:29 EDT El Portal Sedona El Portal Sedona Hotel offers the complete Sedona experience with well traveled hiking guide Stephen Ritson joining the El Portal Team!

Mar 25, 2013 19:24 EDT El Portal Sedona Sedona and its array of stark red sandstone formations provide a backdrop of magnificent beauty for any activity in Northern Arizona. The key part however is that you must get into the back country to discover what nature has to offer. There is a vast range of hiking trails available to interested parties in the Sedona area, especially in the Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness.

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Feb 15, 2013 17:49 EST El Portal Sedona Sedona, Arizona offers everything a wedding party could want in a destination wedding – views, relaxation, halls, and hotels. Think outside the box, and find out what Sedona has to offer!

Jan 11, 2013 17:54 EST El Portal Sedona El Portal Sedona Hotel is celebrating January as Pet Month. Bring your pet to this pet friendly Sedona hotel and receive 30% off the regular room rates!

Dec 18, 2012 15:45 EST El Portal Sedona Sedona Arizona is more than just beautiful sandstone bluffs and red rock canyons. It’s a place to discover world class hiking trails and golfing, take a spiritual journey or a vortex tour. Explore this amazing area and find that there is more to it than what meets the eye.