Press Releases

Jun 08, 2015 18:58 EDT Broadband market enters a new era following the NBN strategic reviewThe National Broadband Network continuing evolutionSince being implemented in 2012, Australia’s NBN has undergone significant changes

Jun 08, 2015 18:57 EDT The Digital Economy is driving sector and industry transformationsKey InsightsBased on the growth of internet and mobile users alone, it is hardly any wonder that e-commerce and m-commerce are thriving

Jun 08, 2015 18:56 EDT Operators searching for the next growth driver as LTE in South Korea maturesSouth Korea has one of the world’s most active telecommunications and Information Technology markets backed by strong support from the government

Jun 08, 2015 18:55 EDT South Africa’s Smart City development showcases progress with FttPSouth Africa retains one of the continent’s most advanced telecoms infrastructures

Jun 08, 2015 18:49 EDT UFB connecting over half a million homes while industry pushes for universal 1Gb/s serviceNew Zealand’s Ultra-Fast Broadband/Rural Broadband Initiative (UFB/RBI) is continuing to make steady progress

Jun 08, 2015 18:48 EDT Mobile data traffic soars in the Middle EastMobile penetration levels are high in the Middle East, having passed the 100% milestone in 9 out of 14 countries – the highest rates can be found in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations, where penetration rates range between 170% and 200% (except Iraq, which is still below 100% mobile penetration)

Jun 08, 2015 18:47 EDT The changing face of the global mobile market in 2015Mobile services have revolutionised our world, and promise to be a key to future transformation

Jun 08, 2015 18:46 EDT OTT and WiFi buoy the mobile broadband boomMobile broadband access using the 3G and now the 4G/LTE networks has continued to expand as users continue to add tablets, modems and phones to use alternative communication methods and cloud based services

Jun 08, 2015 18:45 EDT Developments in M2M set to speed up smart grid deploymentsBy making the electricity grid ‘intelligent’ and adding telecoms to it, the power will eventually move away from the electricity companies and be directed towards the customers, who will be able to control their energy consumption through sensors, M2M devices, and the internet of things (IoT)

Jun 08, 2015 18:40 EDT Big data and open governments will spur developments in smart citiesSmart cities are going to be amazing community hubs that will be more sustainable, efficient, and supportive of citizens