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Recruiting without discriminating - Karolinska Institutet

News   •   Sep 16, 2014 12:34 EDT

Recruiting without discriminating
- An experimental study of hiring discrimination on ethnicity, using structured video interview (ZeroLime) versus unstructured face-to-face interview - Karam Hanna


Ethnic discrimination is believed to be present in recruitment processes and this is reflected in the unequal level of employment in Sweden today. Discrimination may come in a more subtle and implicit form, especially when employers use methods that are more susceptible to subjective judgment. Method: This study examined ethnic discrimination in a recruitment process by comparing two recruiting methods. Participants (N=233) were randomized to an experiment group to perform a structured video interview, and to a control group for an unstructured face-to-face interview. Results: No effects were found between the groups after the recruitment process. However, effects were found within the groups showing that Swedish participants had higher odds of advancing in the recruitment process with 298 percent in the experiment group and 495 percent in the control group, compared to non-Swedish participants in each group. Discussion: While the obtained results suggest discrimination was present the study had methodological issues that may have influenced the outcome. These consisted of the control group undergoing a premature selection prior to the recruiting process, and not having the employers blinded to the purpose of the study. Future research should focus on further assessment of video interviewing as a screening method.

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