​It was just a normal day for Camilla… until she got a call from Vera&John. Now she’s €5,000 richer and ready to put that cash to good use!

News   •   Nov 26, 2015 14:11 GMT

“Do you promise it’s not a joke?” Camilla could hardly believe her luck, and she definitely couldn’t stop laughing. Half way through her day, she received some amazing news from Vera&John… she was the next Dream Weeks Winner! It all seemed too good to be true.


​Sometimes life has little surprises in store for you. When you’re a player at Vera&John online casino, one of those surprises might just be a €5,000 cash prize!

News   •   Nov 23, 2015 15:51 GMT

When he first heard the news, Mattias thought it was a joke- but reality suddenly hit him and that’s when he really started to laugh! On Monday 10th November, Mattias learned that he was the third lucky winner of our Dream Weeks prize draw... and he didn’t even know he’d been playing!


Jonas O is our very first €5,000 Dream Week Winner!

News   •   Nov 12, 2015 11:10 GMT

What would you do with €5,000? Travel through Europe? Put it all on your lucky number on Roulette? Tick something off the bucket list, perhaps? Our friend Jonas O from Sweden has that very dilemma to consider, and what a nice dilemma that would be!


Dreams do come true at Vera&John!

News   •   Nov 10, 2015 10:44 GMT

Close your eyes and wish for anything your heart desires- that dream is one step closer to becoming a reality! The world is your oyster! Or at least, it can be if you become one of our 7 lucky Dreamweek Winners. Every week for 7 weeks, we’re going to be picking one lucky player at random to receive a jaw-dropping €5,000 cash prize to spend!


​Helen won €1,000 extra – without even spinning!

News   •   Oct 19, 2015 12:17 GMT

A loyal Vera&John player for over 2 years, Helen’s lucky day started with some small winnings that made it possible for her to up the bet in each spin. All of a sudden the big wins started coming – she won €4,000 on one spin! But that wasn't enough...


​Won €13,000 on a €1 bet

News   •   Oct 15, 2015 13:53 GMT

During a chilled out evening with his girlfriend and her daughter, Bengt logged on to Vera&John Casino and started playing Super Monopoly Money. He hoped for a small win – but what was to come chocked him!


Vikings Go Wild slot

News   •   Sep 23, 2015 12:27 GMT

Calling all Vikings to ​Vera&John online casino! The ultimate Vikings vs. sea creature battle is about to begin and we need your help to lead us to victory. Yggdrasil’s​ Vikings Go Wild will keep you on the edge of your seat as you battle your way to domination and well-deserved big wins. Join a team of ferocious Vikings as they travel across the treacherous ocean to slay the sea creature.


Isabelle won €7,118 playing Muse at Vera&John

News   •   Aug 18, 2015 09:34 GMT

Luck was not a problem for Isabelle when she tried Muse, one of the recent new slots at Vera&John. An hour later and €7,118 had found its way over to her account. For 21 year old Isabelle this meant that her leisure time had resulted in a great capital to start her life with. That’s what we call perfect timing.


€12,247 mobile win on Reel Rush

News   •   Aug 17, 2015 15:10 GMT

45 year old Jeanette logged onto Vera&John with her mobile phone and tried her luck on the slot Reel Rush – after a wager of €18 she won a massive €12,247 and it all happened in just a few seconds!


Huge Winnings on Holiday

News   •   Aug 13, 2015 08:19 GMT

Niklas was just killing time at the airport by playing his favourite slot games on Vera&John’s mobile casino. He was on his way to enjoy a vacation in Turkey with his wife- but little did he know he was also on the road to becoming our next big winner! After winning an incredible €21,910 in a single spin, the cash just kept rolling in.