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Annika won €15,994 playing Spellcast at Vera&John

News   •   May 15, 2014 07:43 GMT

Annika won €15,994 playing Spellcast at Vera&John

Annika logged onto Vera&John to play her favourite slot, Spellcast, when her hopes and dreams came true. One spin won her a magical win of almost €16,000. Even as a well experienced casino player Annika had a hard time believing in her luck.

One late night, after Annika had tossed and turned in her bed for a couple of hours, she decided to give up on sleeping for the time being. Instead she decided to use up the cash she had deposited earlier at Vera&John Casino in hope of finding some rest in playing her favourite slot; Spellcast.

Speechless by her favourite

Spellcast is Annikas slot of choice since it has proven it’s a winning slot multiple times for her in the past. But no win this far has made her speechless like this one. When she in one spin won amazing €15,994 she thought she had fallen asleep and was dreaming. But despite the midnight hour Annika was wide awake.

-  I didn’t get much sleep that night, she says. But who cares when you’ve just won close to €16,000?

When Vera&John reached Annika to talk about her win she still had no clue of what to do with the money. As for now, she says, she is happy just knowing that they’re safe in her account waiting for a day when she has decided on what to do. Who know, maybe it will help her sleep at night?

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