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Another lucky €5,000 winner from Vera&John’s Guaranteed Winnings

News   •   Jun 24, 2013 15:42 GMT

Another lucky €5,000 winner from Vera&John’s Guaranteed Winnings

The latest top up on Vera&John’s Guaranteed Winnings promotion went to Martin, who won €4,336 in one spin on the brand new slot Emperor’s Garden. Martin was particularly lucky as his win was the highest that day at Vera&John and he received a €664 top up.

His luck began the day before when Martin decided to try out the slot Emperor’s Garden which was released the very same day at Vera&John Casino. After two minutes of playing, wagering only €6, he hit a big win of €2,350.

One slot to grant him the big win

When Martin came back to the casino the next day, he decided not to abandon his lucky slot Emperor’s Garden. After a couple of rounds the slot granted him €5,000 thanks to the unique Guaranteed Winnings promotion at Vera&John. As if that win wasn’t enough, he also won €2,525 and €2,610 on two spins no more than one minute apart from each other. What a lucky man.

Got topped up

Since Martin hadn’t noticed the Guaranteed Winnings promotion at Vera&John, nor given its meaning that much thought, he was surprised to win. When his win was noted as the highest of the day, Vera&John topped it up with another €664.

-  “It is great fun to win, but of course even more so if your win keeps on growing”, says Martin. He’s had his eyes set on a new car for a long time and now he’ll be able to finance it with his big win.

Would you like to be a guaranteed winner? The Guaranteed Winnings promotion at Vera&John will be active all summer. One player is guaranteed to win €5,000 each day. Don’t miss the guaranteed win of €50,000 by the end of the month. Read all about this unique offer on the news section at Vera&John.

You could be the next one who collects the Guaranteed Win of €5,000. Try your luck at Vera&John.

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