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€250,000 won at Vera&John

News   •   May 06, 2014 13:20 GMT

€250,000 won at Vera&John

Susie tried her luck with ten free spins at Vera&John Casino and walked away with €250,000 before making her first deposit. Vera&John offered her a chance to play at the casino for free and that was the start of her winning streak that ended with heaps and heaps of cash.

During one of Susie’s daily bus trips to work, she picked up her smartphone and went online in search of a little entertainment to help pass the time on her journey. An offer from Vera&John caught her attention and she decided to try her luck at the casino. Vera&John offered her the chance to play at their online casino for free with ten free spins. Susie started spinning and after only a few spins before reaching her bus stop, she won €25.

“Tingling feeling”

Later that evening, in the comfort of her own home, Susie picked up her mobile again and logged onto Vera&John’s colourful, fun site to see what she could do with her win. In the casino she discovered more than 100 mobile slots to pick and choose from. After trying a few different slots, Susie fell for the Reel Rush slot – it would turn out to be a true money maker slot for Susie in the weeks ahead.

-  I turn into a child when playing Reel Rush, it’s like playing a video game but with a chance to win big money. It gives me a tingling feeling, Susie says giggling.

Susie’s small winnings kept coming in, so she continued to play whenever she had a moment spare. In just one week, she had transformed her €25 win into an even greater win and after two weeks her balance hit €5,000. At that point, something changed drastically and Susie could sit back and watch as several big wins landed in her account in just hours. Spin wins of more than €5,000 kept on coming in spin after spin, right in front of her eyes.

-  I never thought I could win this kind of money. At first I thought it was too good to be true, but I have realised it is for real and it feels wonderful, Susie says with a smile.

€14,761 in one spin

Amongst the highest spin wins Susie hit two wins that reached up to €9,000 each and a mega win of €14,761 in just one spin. Susie could collect a massive total winning of €250,000. An astonished Susie talks to Vera&John moments after the win, she says the money will be life-changing for her and her children. They lost a dog a couple of years ago and can finally afford to welcome a new furry family member into their home.

-  I can finally offer my kids what they deserve. Other than the puppy and some other things we have been forced to hold back on, I will also treat my family to a vacation and the kids get to decide on the destination, they will love that! It will be nice to have some quality time together in a nice resort, the happy 39-year old winner says at last.

What would you do if you were in Susie’s shoes? At Vera&John everyone has the chance to become a big winner; you can be the next in line! Cash in the big bucks - try your luck at Vera&John Casino now.

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