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Guaranteed Winning: Håvard caught €5,000 while fishing at Vera&John

News   •   Jul 24, 2013 14:06 GMT

Guaranteed Winning: Håvard caught €5,000 at Vera&John

Håvard, a long-time member at Vera&John recently tried the new slot Lucky Angler Touch from his smartphone. His beginners luck kicked in and after a few mere moments he won the highest spin win of the day, which in turn granted him €5,000 in guaranteed cash.

It was a slow day for Håvard as he spent the day indoors waiting for something to happen. Bored out of his mind, he had to take action to make the time pass. With his mobile in hand he decided to play at Vera&John Casino. He made up his mind and starting ice fishing in the brand new mobile slot Lucky Angler. He started off with a few bad catches, but after 10 minutes he caught a big one. He won €4,560 in one spin and started to see the silver lining appear from the gloomy cloud.

Vera&John topped it up

One day after his big win he received a call from Vera&John, who wanted to tell him something great. His account had been topped up with an additional €440 due to the Guaranteed Winnings promotion. All of a sudden Håvard had won a total of €5,000.

-  That was a great surprise! I did not count on having the highest win of the day, he says happily when speaking with Vera&John.

With his winnings Håvard is planning on treating his friends to a real dinner feast. He’ll use the top up money from Vera&John to buy some nice champagne for a winner’s toast.

Vera&John will continue this wild Guaranteed Winnings promotion all summer, but with a very special twist! Everyone still has the chance to win a guaranteed €5,000, but now the chance of getting topped up with even more money is greater.

If a player hits a big win of over €5,000 and doesn’t get a cash top up, we’ll continue to increase the guarantee by €1,000 every day until someone receives a cash handout from Vera&John.  Once the guarantee is triggered the pot will restart at €5,000. Don’t forget about the massive €50,000 to be paid out by the end of each month during the promotion! Read all the details on our news page.

Take your chance at becoming a guaranteed winner. Visit Vera&John today!

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